All Signs Point To Terrorism In Russian Airliner Crash

November 2, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – – With each passing hour it seems more likely that the Russian Airbus A321-200a [Kogalymavia, Flight 9268] which crashed in the Sinai on Saturday killing all 224 passengers and crew was brought down due to an act of terrorism.

Russian experts have just definitively concluded that the crash was not the result of pilot error nor was it caused by any structural defect in the airframe.

“’We absolutely exclude the technical failure of the plane, and we absolutely exclude pilot error or a human factor,’ Aleksandr A. Smirnov, a former pilot and the airline’s deputy director for aviation, told a packed news conference in Moscow.” [Neil MacFarquhar, Mystery Deepens Over Russian Airliner Crash in Egypt , NY Times]

The flight data recorder is in the custody of Egyptian officials who are guarding it with a level of security and secrecy that only increases speculation that the crash was terror related.

Airline spokesman Alexander Smirnov stated that the jet’s avionics were capable of handling human error:

“Kogalymavia airline official Alexander Smirnov told reporters in Moscow that the protection systems on the plane would have prevented it from crashing, even if there were major errors in the pilot's control equipment. ‘Therefore the only reason that could explain the plane's breaking up in the midair can be a certain impact, purely mechanical (and/or) physical impact on (the) flying vessel,’ he said.” [source, Jethro Mullen and Susannah Cullinane. Russian plane crash in Egypt: It's too early to determine cause, officials say , CNN]

As we reported yesterday:

“Though speculative, we believe that the possibility of terrorism regarding this event is quite high given the number of incidents which would have to be dismissed as being purely coincidental in order for the crash to have occurred for reasons not related to terrorism or some similar external agent.

A Russian airliner was indeed brought down; it broke up in mid air, apparently without warning; Russia has recently expanded its air operations in Syria, hitting targets believed to be associated with ISIS, prompting threats of reprisal; The group has claimed responsibility; The Sinai is a known to house numerous jihadist groups and ISIS has already made its presence known, “On 29 January 2015, militants from the ISIL-affiliated Wilayat Sinai (Sinai Province) militant group launched a series of attacks on army and police bases in Arish using car bombs and mortars. The attacks, which occurred in more than six different locations, resulted in 44 deaths: source, Wiki].” [source, [Was Russian Airliner Brought Down By A Bomb? , PLN]

As this matter currently stands - taking into account that the investigation is still unfolding - the most reasonable working theory is that this tragedy was directly associated with jihad.

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