Beware of Terrorists Disguised as Asylum Seekers


Translated from the Dutch by Beila Rabinowitz

May 22, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – The terror organization Islamic State (IS) has long threatened that they will send jihad fighters disguised as asylum seekers to Europe. In the middle of February an IS fighter announced from Libya that: "We will conquer Rome.” He pointed in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea with his knife. Security services have long been taking into account that radical Muslims can be found in the midst of the hundreds of thousands of boot refugees from the Islamic world and Africa.

This is not something new. In April 2001 the then Internal Security Services BVD (now the AIVD) warned of "Islamist war veterans" posing as people who "are looking for asylum or illegal migrants who seek refuge in Western countries who will attempt to continue the fight or support it.” In 1988 the BVD warned against Egyptian, Tunisian and Algerian terrorists who will gain entry into Western countries via the asylum channel and will then count of the support of local people who share their ideology.

In March 1996 a conference about fighting terrorism took place in the Egyptian sea resort of Sharm al- Sheikh. The Egyptian government was worried about radical Muslims who had been granted asylum in England. Around November 1995 this was about one thousand people. A number of them appeared to be involved in the preparation for terror attacks. The then British Prime Minister John Major declared shortly after the conference that he would make the rules for granting asylum stricter, but nothing was done.

In England, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain it appeared that radical Syrian and North African migrants had formed dangerous terror networks. In Spain the Syrian born Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas was the leader of the local branch of Al-Qaeda.

The Scandinavian countries have long been a paradise for radical Muslims. Norway granted asylum to the Iraqi asylum seeker Mullah Kekar, but he returned regularly to Northern Iraq where he acted as leader for the terror group Ansar al- Islam. There are asylum seekers in Sweden and Denmark who appear to be in contact with the notorious terror movement al - Shabaab. In January 2010 the Somali asylum seeker/migrant Muhudin M. Geele attempted to murder the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. He had drawn a cartoon of the Islamic prophet Mohammed which the Muslims deemed insulting.

There is also another problem. Many of the asylum seekers or migrants from the Muslim world come from countries where there is widespread anti-Semitism. In his book "The Devil That Never Dies" (2013) a study about anti-Semitism Daniel Jonah Goldhagen warns about this. He writes about "an immense reservoir of anti-Semites" in the countries of origin and among "Arabic and Islamic migrants and their descendants".

Due to the presence of a fast growing migrant communities of Muslims the conflicts emanating from the land of origin has be increasingly exported to Europe, America and Australia.

Last but not least we must take into account that the increasing number of asylum seekers from Africa and the Islamic world have been guilty of war crimes such as the rape of women. Terrorists who threaten the security of the state and war criminals have no right to asylum.

Emerson Vermaat is the author of "De Haat Mag Niet Overslaan Na Onze Straten" De Terreurdreiging Door Islamitische Staat "Hatred Must Not Spill Over Into Our Streets" The Terror Threat By The Islamic State"( Uigeverij Aspekt) (Aspekt Publishers, The Netherlands, May 2015)

Note: This article was submitted as an Op–ed article to "Trouw," a leading newspaper in the Netherlands, but they did not publish it. I do not agree with this editorial decision. I believe it has to do with the rather liberal orientation ofthat Amsterdam-based newspaper. They did publish a lot of articles in favor of multiculturalism and mass immigration. Only one Trouw columnist, Sylvain Ephimenco, who reads Arabic, is critical of Islam and liberal open border policies.

See also: Daniel Jonah Goldhagen: "The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Anti-Semitism,” New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2013, page 197.

"The simple fact, not sufficiently paid attention to, is that an immense reservoir of anti-Semites – among the peoples of Arab and Islamic countries, and now Arab and Islamic immigrants and their descendants living abroad – is itself streaming around the world to populate it with deeply devout anti-Semites."

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