Video Briefing: Ann Corcoran on Islamic Colonial Jihad

May 7, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – As we most recently noted [source, William Mayer, State Department Plans To “Resettle” Syrians In Spartanburg, SC: Obama Funds Catholic Immigration Effort,, 4.18.15], the U.S. State Dept., in collaboration with the U.N. and other NGO’s has been, for a very long time, involved in a program called “refugee resettlement.”

“It should come as no surprise that the Catholic Church, in the U.S. governed by the U.S. Conference Of Catholic Bishops, is receiving significant funding from Team Obama to “resettle” alleged refugees [primarily of the Islamic faith], too many of whom are simply illiterate foreign born leeches who know a good thing when they see it. Once upon American soil, these hapless souls quickly fall prey to social manipulators, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, labor unions and the ACLU who use these wretches as cannon fodder to advance their interlocking agendas. [Note: As an example of the incestuous financial arrangement between government and the Catholic Church, according to a Forbes Magazine study, Catholic Charities, USA is the largest charity in the United States. In 2012 the organization's total revenue was $4.337 billion. Of this, the amount supplied by the government was $2.832 billion in funding, fully 2/3rds of total receipts]”

Though lofty sounding, the effect of these programs have been devastating, both to the communities involved and of course to U.S national security in that it is from these insular communities that tomorrow’s jihadists are recruited.

“Americans began traveling to Somalia to join Al Shabaab in 2007, around the time the group stepped up its insurgency against Somalia's transitional government and its Ethiopian supporters, who have since withdrawn. At least 50 U.S. citizens and permanent residents are believed to have joined or attempted to join or aid the group since that time.” [source, Al-Shabaab’s American Recruits, ADL News]

The Center for Security Policy has done excellent work in researching this matter and have produced a short video by policy expert Ann Corcoran, Editor/Founder of Refugee Resettlement Watch.

From the frontispiece of Corcoran’s, Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America (Civilization Jihad Reader Series) (Volume 2):

“U.S. refugee resettlement policy badly needs comprehensive review and a major overhaul. Ann Corcoran, whose focus on this issue long has been featured at the ‘Refugee Resettlement Watch’ website, here turns her scholarship to a superb study of how refugees are selected and who decides which refugees and how many come to the U.S., as well as where they are placed and who pays the bills for them. Equally as important, she reveals how collaboration among the UN, U.S. government, local charities, and churches too often puts local communities on the receiving end of refugee resettlement out of that decision-making process. This is a critical and timely look at a program whose impact increasingly is affecting American society across the nation.”

The U.S. Department of State is a Labyrinthine, almost wholly independent rogue enterprise. It is largely held unaccountable, despite a history littered with hare-brained actions and policies that have materially damaged the security profile of the United States. Consider please that State has still not been held accountable for the Benghazi tragedy and the gun running operation [sending arms to Syrian jihadists] which likely precipitated the attack by Ansar al-Shari’a and subsequent death of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The effect of State’s refugee programs have been disastrous. They’ve stressed many small American communities to the financial/social services breaking point with an unexpected deluge of non English speaking Third World people, some of which have been recruited to participate in various jihad movements around the world.

Corcoran’s analysis in these matters is spot on and we trust that our readers will find it of value in understanding the complex process [well underway in the United States] which the Muslim Brotherhood calls, "civilization jihad."

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