Khamenei: Nuke Talks Dead?

May 6, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – Referring to what he termed warlike rhetoric, Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Khamenei in a speech today said the Ayatollocracy would not negotiate with the United States under threat of military action as a matter of principle.

"This is not acceptable that the opposite side continues making threats simultaneous with the talks," the Leader said, addressing a public meeting with teachers here in Tehran on Wednesday…Negotiation under the ghost of a threat is meaningless and the Iranian nation does not tolerate negotiation under the shadow of threat." [source, Leader Rejects Continued N. Talks under Threat, Fars News]

He continued on, in somewhat rambling remarks - at least as translated by Fars - stressing that it’s the U.S., rather than Iran that desperately needs to produce an agreement. He suggested that a deal was vital for the Obama administration which views a successful negotiation as a legacy issue.

Employing American rhetoric, Khamenei said that the U.S. “can’t do a damn thing,” with regard to physically attacking the nation, suggesting that the “threats” were made with the intention of rebuilding the president’s frayed relationship with Israel.

The kerfuffle arose over remarks delivered yesterday by Secty. Of State Kerry, who made mention of a potential military option in an almost offhanded manner.

Khamenei, of all people, knows Mr. Obama is a toothless tiger at this point in his presidency, having shown no inclination to initiate the use of military force anywhere on the globe.

That Iran continues to hold an American flagged merchant ship - which it seized last month in the Strait of Hormuz - in quarantine, with the U.S. taking no action at all, certainly adds validity to the Iranian dictator’s characterization of Team O as being unable to pull the trigger.

As we go to press it seems possible that the ship might soon be released after the company has allegedly agreed to pay a $163,000 “fine” for what Iran asserts was the illegal disposal of its property. This is a far cry from the almost $4 million dollar fine which an Iranian court imposed last month .

The charge is that Maersk sold 10 transportation containers without authorization. The shipping line responded that the company took the action because the cargo had remained unclaimed for 90 days and really had no choice if it was to recoup its costs.

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