Iran’s Military Commander Instructs Nuke Negotiators That Country Will Not Allow Inspection

May 3, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – As Iran’s navy holds an American flagged cargo ship hostage and the country’s Yemeni proxy army, the Houthis seek complete control over the failed North African state, Iran’s Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, has once again made it clear that the theocratic dictatorship will under no circumstances permit the type of inspections which would be vital in any genuine effort to prevent an Iranian nuclear “breakout.”

Additionally the military strong-man tamped out hopes [however weak] that Iran might curtail its worldwide funding of terrorism.

We operate under no illusions, there is no agreement simply a meaningless, non-binding working document which will two major effects, neither of which are positive.

1. Free up at least $100B dollars in Iranian assets which have been temporarily “frozen” in the West as part of the sanction program, thus saving Iran’s ruined economy as well as providing a direct cash injection into the country’s nuclear weapons program.

2. Grant Mr. Obama one of his trademarked Pyrrhic victories which while it will materially degrade the status of U.S. national security will nonetheless allow this vainglorious president another opportunity to preen, prance around the stage and publicly spike the football to the delight of an adoring press.

Speaking of state controlled media, according to Iran’s Fars News Agency, Firouzabadi stated:

"’Iranian military officials are not allowed to let the foreigners go through the country's security-defense shield and fence,’ the General said reminding the recent remarks of Iranian Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei. ‘Iran's military officials are not at all allowed to stop the country's defense development and progress on the pretext of supervision and inspection and the country's defense development and capabilities should not be harmed in the talks. Our support for our brothers in the resistance (front) in different places should not be undermined in the talks at all,’ he added.” [source, Iranian Top Commander Declares Specific Redlines for Nuclear Deal, Fars News]

Firouzabadi complimented the leader of Iran’s negotiating team Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif calling him an able commander, but warned that the United States is deceitful in such matters and that, “no one can trust such a state.”

The Iranians know they hold all the cards in this deal, they fully understand the desperation of Team Obama to salvage something…anything…which will give the appearance of a foreign policy victory, something which has, so far, escaped the administration's grasp.

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