O-Boondoggle: Bergdahl, Exchanged For Five Muslim Taliban Commanders, Charged With Desertion

March 25, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – On June 1, 2014 President Obama freed five top Taliban commanders from their indefinite confinement at GITMO.

Congress was not notified, a major breach of protocol, if not, the law.

All five of these Muslim terrorists were among the Taliban’s top leadership, with some of them having been noted as being particularly vicious. They were all battle hardened and there was no expectation that they would not return to the jihad, carrying all manner of information regarding “the enemy,” which they had gained from their years of confinement and of course through hours of discussions with their jihad sympathizing American defense attorneys.

The five were exchanged, in a prisoner swap, for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl who had been held in confinement by the Haqqani network which can be thought of as a rather independent arm of the Taliban, though the group’s founder Jalaluddin Haqqani, served in the Taliban government after Soviet forces in Afghanistan were routed.

Obama, in typical fashion, turned the event into another of his sleight-of-hand dog and pony productions, appearing on national television next to Bergdahl and his obviously grateful parents. The entire affair was turned into a photo-op allowing an opportunity for Obama to strut and grandstand, framing the event as if he was Moses and had just freed the Jews from Egyptian bondage.

Tears were shed, Obama goose stepped like some latter day Reich hero. Understandably much of the public approved. However, these same citizens agreed with the swap for one reason – the truth of the matter had been denied them: Bergdahl was a traitor, he deserted.

Obama and his top military brass knew that at the time…shhhhhhhh…

That these men were released under any circumstances reflects a serious lack of judgment at minimum, regardless of what the defense establishment thought might have been gained by their release.

The joy of millions of Americans quickly turned to anger.

Congress exploded in bipartisan rage, both at the terms of the deal and over the fact that it had not been provided notification or consultation which was required by law.

“Four are serious commanders likely to return to the battlefield ... those individuals are likely to reengage in combat operations against U.S. soldiers,” said [former Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike] Rogers on MSNBC. “That’s unconscionable.”

Sen. John McCain, himself a prisoner of war in Vietnam, called the Taliban five the “hardest and toughest of all” and “wanted war criminals.”[source, Dan Friedman , Edgar Sandoval , Stephen Rex Brown and Larry Mcshane, Obama admits that Taliban prisoner swap for Bergdahl could put Americans in danger, NY Daily News]

Bios of the released Talibandis:

Mohammed Omari, 46, affiliated with both al-Qaeda and Taliban elements. He is believed to have been part of the elite terrorist command structure

Mullah Mohammad Fazl, 47, war criminal, top Taliban commander, responsible for the killing of thousands of Shi’a Muslims

Mullah Norullah Noori, 47, senior Taliban commander and part of the Taliban government, thought to be responsible for numerous war crimes.

Abdul Haqq Wasiq, 43, senior strategist, served as an ambassador of terror, responsible for establishing ties between the various jihadist groups, especially with al-Qaeda.

Khirullah Khairkhwa, 47, senior member of Taliban, believed to have helped in the creation of the Taliban which also means that he must have had ties to Pakistan’s corrupt intelligence service, the ISI. Khairkhwa was deemed a “key capture.”

Since we have gone to press quickly upon knowledge of the decision to charge BergieBoy with desertion, this story will be updated as events play out.

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