Iranian Backed Houthis Chase Obama Out Of Yemen

March 21, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – Yemen, which is increasingly under the operational control of Iranian backed Shia jihadists, is now the scene of another ignoble retreat by the Obama Administration.

The country has been in a state of chaos since Islamist forces consolidated their power in 2009 under the banner of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Now the failed state faces its gravest threat since the county became “unified,” in 1990 as an Islamic force - the Houthis - which is openly being backed by Team O’s negotiating partner, Iran, is on the verge of adding the territory to the Ayatollocracy’s growing list of client states.

“An Iranian ship unloaded 185 tons of weapons and military equipment at a Houthi-controlled al-Saleef port in Yemen, al Arabiya reports . The Houthi militias reportedly closed the port and denied entrance to employees there. Al-Saleef port is considered the second most vital in Yemen.” [source, Iranian Ship Unloads 185 Tons of Weapons, Military Equipment for Houthis in Yemen , Washington Free Beacon]

The Houthis have controlled Yemen’s capital, Sanaa since September, seeing that the Obama administration would not even be offering token resistance.

“Yemen's embattled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi has pledged to fight Iranian influence in his violence-wracked country after US troops at a key Yemeni airbase were pulled out. The Americans at Al-Anad airbase have been evacuated for security reasons, a Yemeni military source there said on Saturday, a day after several suicide bombings at Shi'ite Huthi mosques claimed by the Sunni Islamic State group killed 142 people…” [source, Rebels Seize Parts Of Key City, Australian Associated Press]

Al-Anad AFB was one of the United States’ key military bases for the staging of drone attacks, one of which killed American born jihadist, Anwar al-Awlaki in 2011. It was al-Awlaki with whom Nidal Hasan corresponded before conducting his murderous rampage at Ft Hood in 2009 [killing 13 and seriously wounding over 30]. He also had a role in radicalizing numerous other jihadists [ Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the “underwear” bomber”] and became, for a while, the “go-to” net based advocate for Islamic terrorism.

Though it’s certain that the U.S. State Department is not using the term, “rout” applies to Obama’s precipitous American pullout from the troubled country, as not even token resistance was offered by the departing forces which included approximately 100 Special Operators who could have been quite effective repelling any threat posed by the Houthis militia.

Such cowardice on the part of CIC Obama in the face of minimal Islamist threat must be sending shivers through America’s former allies. Consider it a textbook case of how foolish it has been to expect this administration’s assistance in resisting the global jihad…Mr. Obama has sold out nearly every partner which had been a member of the U.S. led Coalition which killed Saddam and decisively defeated al-Qaeda in Iraq.

All that blood, treasure and broken dreams which have been pissed away by this president should be more than sufficient cause for questioning the state of the president’s mental health. He certainly must have understood the effect of yet another unforced retreat from one of the world’s most notorious flash points, yet the order was given and the message of weakness and disarray can hardly be lost on America’s enemies, the number of which has grown exponentially over his time in the WH.

Though such a judgment should be axiomatic, we have it from reliable sources that the morale of U.S. fighting forces [up to the flag officer level] is at the lowest point in recent memory. There is only one individual who is responsible for this state of affairs and the longer he is allowed to remain in office the more precarious grows the state of American national security.

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