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PipeLineNews.org LLC was founded in 1999 and functions as an independent news service, providing vital information regarding national security matters.

Organizationally PipeLineNews [PLN] is a purpose driven group of investigative journalists and researchers with extensive experience in these matters whose mission is to bring to the public's attention information that because of the constraints under which the main-stream press operates, is not generally and widely available. PLN has a large and influential readership and has been featured in national and local media. Information developed by PLN has been presented in Congressional testimony, widely disseminated within public and private organizations and used by law enforcement agencies.

Who we are.

Editor & Publisher - WILLIAM MAYER

PipeLine Team:

BEILA RABINOWITZ - Lead Writer/Assoc. Editor
EMERSON VERMAAT - European Editor
REZA KAHLILI - Middle East Affairs
CAMILLE GIGLIO - Legislatiive Analysist
RONALD DELABY - Law Enforcement/Military
THE PROWLER - National Security
CHRISTOPHER BROWN - Staff Photographer
NIKITA SHAKHRAI - Web Programmer


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