Fate of Key Syrian City of Hasakeh Unresolved

June 13, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – With the historically significant and strategically important Syrian city of Palmyra firmly in its grasp, ISIS has turned its efforts in the country towards taking Hasakeh, also considered vital to the regime.

For two weeks now the city has been pounded by jihadist forces, elements of the Syrian army along with a few air strikes by the U.S.

Despite claims made a week ago that the Syrian army had retaken the city, the evidence we have seen demonstrates that the area continues to be contested.

We never accepted the Syrian assertion that Hasakeh was in any way under its control, as we wrote on June 5:

“Under assault for almost a week, the strategic Syrian city of Al Hasakeh is in danger of falling to ISIS. The two most recent reports we have suggest that Assad’s troops are fleeing as ISIS fighters continue their push.

Adam Pletts of News24 France states, “The Islamic state group has been able to enter the southern side of the city,” adding that residents are evacuating towards the north which is controlled by the YPG [Kurdish People’s Protection Units] which has made the decision not to formally engaged ISIS until it closes on their sector.” [source, Syrian Troops Flee As ISIS Enters Key City Of Hasakeh , PipeLineNews.org]

The International Red Cross/Red Crescent is currently attempting to assist over 10,000 refugees which continue to flee the fighting in the area:

As fighting and airstrikes continue in the Al-Hasakah region of Syria, hundreds of people have been forced to flee their homes, seeking safety and refuge in Turkey. A spokesperson of Turkey’s foreign ministry has said that in the past week (3–11 June 2015), a total of 13,434 refugees have crossed from Syria into Turkey. [source, Stephen Ryan Turkey: Red Crescent provides assistance to those fleeing Al-Hasakah region ]

This indicates that the best possible case scenario currently seems to be that Hasakeh has not yet entirely been overwhelmed by the highly motivated ISIS forces. We’ve been at this a long time, giving us an ability to read the tea leaves in this type of dynamic and the complete lack of news coverage of this ongoing key battle over the last week suggests that the battle is not going well as far as Assad and Team O are concerned.

The areas east, west and south of the city continue to be dominated by ISIS and the longer this battle continues, the more favorable are the jihadist’s odds.

If it were otherwise the legacy media would be doing a victory lap featuring Obama in the driver’s seat.

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