New Report: Military Think Tank Predicts Unopposed ISIS Expansion

July 15, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – A chilling new study has just been published demonstrating that ISIS is poised to make major advances absent a significant pushback from the United States.

The report - ISIS’ Global Strategy: A Wargame – was prepared by the highly respected Institute for the Study of War [ISW] a DC based national security policy house.

ISW’s leadership [specifically General [Ret] Jack Keane] who was instrumental in effecting the surge strategy in Iraq that defeated al-Qaeda, that is before president Obama disastrously - ignoring the advice of the JCS as well as all his field commanders - failed to secure a Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqi government and abruptly withdrew American troops, establishing the conditions for the rise if ISIS, the blood of which is splattered across the breadth of the Obama administration.

ISW makes several key points as part of the document’s executive summary, primarily that unless the United States becomes serious about defeating the largest terrorist army outside of Iran, ISIS will rapidly expand to fill the current power vacuum.

While this takes place, a certainty since it’s obvious that Team O has no stomach for actually confronting the enemies of the West [witness the recent “partnership” agreement between Obama and Iran] the options available to the next president are, consequently, narrowing.

This is understandable in that as ISIS grows in strength, complexity and sophistication it will eventually present a threat which is truly existential and far beyond the ability of the U.S. to deal with in any manner other than a full scale war of attrition and the costs of thousands of American lives.

More key take-ways, including the effect of Obama’s ignorance in hollowing out the Armed Forces of the United States [see, Rowan Scarborough, Military warns cuts would create ‘hollow force’ akin to 1970s, Washington Times]:

The military planners in the simulation perceived that the United States does not have enough armed forces to undertake a multi-theater campaign to degrade and defeat ISIS on its own. The U.S. therefore must choose between increasing its armed forces, relying on coalition partners to achieve the defined mission, or changing the defined mission against ISIS.

ISIS has an asymmetric advantage because it can project force from disparate regions, potentially exploiting fissures between multiple international organizations and U.S. combatant commands.

ISIS’s global campaign likely will increase policymakers’ tolerance of frequent, high-level, and widespread violent events, creating opportunities for the United States’ adversaries.

There is a very real possibility that by his dereliction of duty in national security matters, this traitorous CIC is setting the table for World War III.

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