Dr. Harold Rhode On Team Obama’s Weakness in the Face of Iranian Aggression

July 6, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Harold Rhode, PhD, former member of the DOD and now a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute has been stirring a pot a bit while on a speaking tour of the U.S.

His criticism of the Obama administration is pointed and narrowly focused, stating that the Middle East’s jihadism – especially that of ISIS - is a huge and growing threat and that due to Team Obama’s policies, America’s moral authority throughout the world is quickly eroding, leaving our historic allies confounded and losing hope.

A selected abstract of a recent Q & A [see Eliran Aharon, Israel on its own when it comes to Obama] with the Israeli news source Arutz Sheva:

Why ISIS is important?

“ISIS is a very big threat that can be taken care of with boots on the ground…it has to be eliminated…Because otherwise it is attracting more and more people not just from the Middle east but outsiders, Muslims who come…it touches something very deep in the consciousness of the Muslim mind in that is that they should all live in one state, ruled by a caliph under Shari’a…that is what the issue stands for and that’s what it’s selling to the world.”

Would an agreement with Iran be good for the world?

“The agreement with Iran is bad for not only Israel and gets worse and worse day but it’s bad for the entire world because people see America giving in and getting nothing in return. America therefore appears weak.

When America, which for better or worse used to be and should be seen as the policeman of the world…if it’s not prepared to fill that role and stand up for the poor and the downtrodden and its allies especially, everybody is going to run from America. This is a bad deal and getting worse.”

Should Israel trust United States government?

“I think that the American people are very pro Israeli…What the American government is doing vis-à-vis Iran is terrible, it is dangerous for the world, dangerous very much for Israel…Israel must take care of itself…the American people are very much with Israel, the American people’s love for Israel and admiration for Israel is very strong and only getting more so. They, by and large do not agree with this agreement with Iran

The American people understand the world very simply, and I mean that in a positive way The understand that governments like Iran want to destroy not only Israel…they can also destroy America in the long run.”

On the decreasing stability of the Middle East and the scape-goating of Israel

“You could say that there are two standards, there is the standard for Jews and the standard for everybody else…the American’s don’t seem to be protecting Israel…I don’t know where president Obama is getting his advice…Israel is on its own when it comes to this administration [but the American public] will be with Israel irrespective of what president Obama says…I don’t think there is a crisis between America and Israel, I think that the administration is trying to provoke one for whatever reasons…”

Not to belabor the point but to any serious observer, when it comes to Team Obama there is a sense of hostility which is unprecedented in the history of U.S.-Israeli relations. This, we feel, is largely brought about by the president’s Muslim sympathies, especially his Muslim upbringing and early advisors such as Rashid Khalidi as well as his detached world-view which is one of seeing America from the perspective of an outsider.

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