Happy 239th Birthday America!

July 4, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – All of us who are blessed beyond measure to call America home, might well take a bit of time amidst all the fun associated with the 4th of July to remember the sacrifice made by our ancestors who risked everything to create then protect the most significant nation ever to exist, the United States of America.

Our Founding Fathers dedicated their "lives fortunes and sacred honor," as they took upon themselves the monumental task of forging a new nation, "conceived in liberty and the proposition that all men are created equal," words which Abraham Lincoln later spoke over the blood-soaked battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Though our republic is facing a new set of challenges today, we remain hopeful and confident that, as a nation we can rise above them as we have during some very bleak times in the past.

So have a wonderful and safe 4th but please keep in mind that our system of government, based upon informed consent of the people - though the most powerful and morally responsible on the planet - is remarkably delicate, as our numerous enemies, both foreign and domestic know.

With the increased national security concerns prompted by ISIS, similarly motivated Islamic jihadist groups and individuals, along with our home-grown Marxist cultural terrorists – some of whom we have allowed to occupy positions of great political power – keep your eyes open.

With that said, a very sincere and heartfelt - Happy Birthday America! - from the publisher and writers of PipeLineNews.org LLC.

Long may the Stars and Stripes fly over this hallowed land.

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