French "Anti-Terror" Unit Carved Up By Knife Wielding Perp, Believed Related To French Jewish Market Jihadist Amedy Coulibaly

February 3, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - – Two French “soldiers” were injured today by a knife wielding Muslim. The 3-man anti-terror guard was posted outside of a Jewish community center in the city of Nice.

Initially the attacker’s first name, Mousa, was all that was made available by the way of identification by French LE. Later he was identified as Mousa Coulibaly and is believed to be related to the Muslim terrorist [Amedy Coulibaly] who attacked the Paris Jewish market after the January 7 Charlie Hebdo massacre. [see, Levi Winchester, Police investigating link between man who knifed soldiers in France and Amedy Coulibaly, UK Express]

The jihadist had, just before the incident, been cited for taking public transportation without a ticket. Stopped at the turnstile, Mousa refused to produce identification.

What is puzzling about this event is how a man could approach, let alone attack three armed soldiers apparently on an anti-terror detail and why it took bystanders to finally subdue the perp.

Apparently this isn’t Coulibaly’s first brush with the French LE community and his behavior prior to the violent assault appears to be the MO of an ISIS wannabe:

"The person responsible, who is in his thirties and from the Paris region, is known to police," Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said. According to police, the man had been questioned by French security services after he travelled to Turkey on a one-way ticket in late January and was intercepted and flown back to Nice by Turkish authorities.” [source, Two French soldiers wounded in knife attack in Nice, Reuters]

What conclusion should French jihadists draw from this incident?

If the best and brightest of the country’s anti-terror forces are incapable of stopping a simple assault by a man with a knife, there is little to prevent further attacks by Islamic fanatics. As a matter of fact the message of weakness being sent is one of provocation not steadfastness.

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