Law Enforcement Contunes Sorry Record In Partnering With Islamists


January 14, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - In August of 2008 the FBI and New York State Police presented special awards to the Muslim Scouts of America troop from the Hancock, New York village of "Holy Islamberg." []

The medals did not originate with the police units but were provided by El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, who resides in Lahore, Pakistan.

The scouts were trained by an organization which calls itself Muslims of the Americas [MOA].

MOA is widely believed to be part of Jamaat Al Fuqra [JAF] one of the most radical Islamist groups operating in the United States today and which has founded numerous radical Muslim enclaves across the United States.

JAF is led by the aforementioned Sheikh Gilani who is thought to be intimately connected with the kidnapping and subsequent beheading of Wall Street Journal writer Daniel Pearl [it is believed that Pearl was on his way to visit Gilani when he was accosted].

JAF's fundamentalist ideology stresses purification of Islam through use of violence. Al-Fuqra members, since the 1970 founding of the group in New York, have been convicted and implicated in numerous acts of domestic terror including a campaign of bombings mounted against American Indian [not Native American] religious groups. The Al-Fuqra villages have served as bases for these operations.

This is not the first time the FBI has participated in award ceremonies with the Muslim Scouts of the MOA. In 2004 several FBI agents and county sheriffs participated in a similar event at the South Carolina village of "Holy Islamville," one of several MOA enclaves and part of the Al-Fuqra mini-empire.

At the Islamiville event, the head of the South Carolina FBI, Les Wiser gave a speech glorifying the agency's relationship with the MOA, waxing lyrical about diversity, apparently unmindful that MOA's definition might differ substantially from his own or that of the FBI. [source,]

These Islamist compounds are hotbeds of conspiratorial anti-Semitism and Muslim radicalism, below from founder, Gilani's website, in a piece entitled, "Media Terrorism: The Hate Campaign Perpetrated By The Zionists."

"The greatest fear of these Zionist is to see Muslims and Christians joining hands be­cause they will be singled out as the common enemy, a process which has already started as the world realizes that they are the true terrorist who manu­facture terror in order to realize their objective, world domination under the Satanic rule of the New World Order. Rather than becoming a victim of this intricate scheme the public should demand to know what happened to the 4,000 Jews that were conve­niently absent from work at the World Trade Center on Septem­ber 11, 2001." [source,]

We find nothing in this reprehensible viewpoint that is in any way consistent with either the American or the Scouting traditions.

The actions of New York State police, joined by representatives of the FBI in Islamberg, New York and the corresponding FBI involvement in Islamville, South Carolina, underline the need for law enforcement to thoroughly vet the individuals and groups with which they interact.

Additionally they must be mindful that one of the goals of the Islamists domestically is furtherance of the Muslim Brotherhood's stealth jihad, wherein radical Muslim groups use the openness of this society as a means to undermine it.

One of the Islamists tactics towards that end is seeking out - as was done in these two cases - undeserved legitimacy which will accrue to themselves by forging these self-serving alliances with law enforcement, the military, church groups and other key organizations, in a false show of moderation.

To the degree that this was done in these two cases, safeguards must be put in place to prevent further occurrences in the future.

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