Retrospective: Racist, Bigot, Islamophobic Hater, President Jimmy Carter Bans Muslim Immigration

December 11, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – – In response to the 1979 seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran and the resultant hostage taking of U.S. Embassy personnel by members of the country’s Revolutionary Guard, then president Jimmy Carter took stern action, strikingly similar to measures suggested by GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

The retaliation which the president simply ordered consisted of, a complete break in diplomatic relations, expulsion of the country’s diplomats, to be accomplished within 24 hrs, prohibition of exports to Iran – including food and medicine – a freezing of 8B in Iranian bank deposits and an immediate ban any further immigration from the country.

We note with great amusement the manner in which Trump’s suggestion of a complete ban on Muslim immigration until “things get sorted out,” has been greeted by the legacy media.

On this issue Fox has made a complete ass of itself with allegedly conservative commentator’s heads exploding on camera as they tut-tut what seem to be – in the wake of two domestic jihadist attacks in the US over the last month – the personification of a prudent and moderate policy.

While the pathetically obsessed Megyn "Butch" Kelly remains Fox's numero-uno Trumpophobe, Charles Krauthammer and George Will are clawing at other for second spot on Murdoch's slippery totem pole of rage.

The whole-scale caving of America’s pretend right should come as no surprise. It's been on display for years now, assuming you want to believe what your eyes and ears have been telling you. GOP party leaders, such as they are, have shown a truculent disdain for the people who put them in office and the recent selection of the newly hirsute Paul Ryan only adds punctuation to the sellout by the fossilized Republican old guard.

The self appointed, DC centric noobs and wannabes [most of whom really aren't that bright] exemplify an ideology which is functionally equivalent to that of the left and the mere thought of not getting invited to swanky Georgetown soirées is apparently too much for these pretenders to bear; hence, the level of bile displayed by them is directly proportional to the quirky candidate's continued dramatic rise to the top.

Meanwhile the phenomenon shows no sign of abating…so, great work guys, keep it coming, your quiche eating days are numbered.

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