UC Merced “Teach In” Mourns Perp, Faisal Mohammad

December 10, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Two weeks after 18 year old student, Faisal Mohammad engaged in a jihadist stabbing and slashing attack at the California campus of UC Merced, school administrators and faculty sponsored a bizarre teach-in, the central theme of which was a revisionist, cultural-Marxist assault on the truth, themed, “Don’t Turn our Tragedy to Hate.” [see, Jennifer Kabbany, UC Merced mourns stabbing spree attacker Faisal Mohammad, seeks to understand him, The College Fix]

What campus officials were trying to hide were the monstrous acts of a Muslim student, attempting to explain them away cloaked in the language of "critical race and ethnic studies" post-modernist lunacy.

Mohammad had, according to fragmentary leaks from of a still unreleased 2 page “manifesto”, envisioned an amplified terror action designed to kill as many students as possible – handcuffing them with PlastiCuffs, praying and then slitting their throats with an 8-10” hunting knife - while hoping to lure local law enforcement into a trap during which the assailant planned on stealing the officers weapons to continue the attack at a higher level of lethality.

Mohammed was shot dead at the scene and the 4 who were injured are expected to fully recover…physically.

Demonstrative of the cognitive dissonance which reigns on American college campuses these days, the teach-in poster included the talking points, “Why are campus police armed?” and “What does this have to do with religion or race?”

One would think that an ISIS inspired fanatical Muslim hacking and slashing at unsuspecting students would answer both of these queries but apparently that level of rationality no longer exists within America’s institutions of higher learning.

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