The Misnomer of Islamic “Radicalization”


December 3, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – – As the immediate shock abates and the horrific reality of the 12/2 San Bernardino jihad [14 KIA 17 wounded] and the 11/13 Paris attacks [130 KIA, hundreds wounded] permeate into the consciousness of the non-Muslim world, a single theory of causation is being offered.

It goes something like this; the organized teams of jihadists who struck with such force in San Bernardino and Paris were previously blissfully peaceful, beret wearing Middle East type chaps whistling la Marseillaise….until…a black cat or something crossed their path and they fell under the thrall of a “radical cleric” who convinced them that their time was better served by going on a murderous rampage, often screaming “Allah is greatest.”

Chortle if you wish but this isn’t really that far from the truth. It’s spread – like manure - by the cultural elite because it supports the next set of precepts in an argument, notable only for its banality, that “not all Muslims are terrorists” and that “we are not at war with Islam.”

While it’s certainly irrefutable that all Muslims are not alike, still can it be happenstance that so many Muslim males are named in honor of an illiterate 7th century child molesting sadist? As to the other matter, in reality the West isn’t at war with anything, excepting its own heritage and traditions.

Fact: There are only 2 million American Muslims, while 10% of the French population is Muslim [6.5-7M out of a total population of roughly 65M] - by far the largest such population in Europe.

Yet the net effect is inevitably the same, regardless of numbers...innocents die.

Muslims [and adherents of similar totalitarian/triumphalist ideologies] generally aren't subject to what we in the West are calling “radicalization,” because that implies that certain clerics or other significant influences brainwash impressionable, primarily male, Muslims into behavior which is sociopathic and inconsistent with their holiest texts.

Even the madrassas don’t radicalize in the common understanding of the term. They merely instill the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith through rote memorization.

But what about the “indoctrination” going on in Gaza and the West Bank, where children are taught how to use AK 47s, hate Jews and kill the kafir?

Think of it as Islamic parochial education.

The intended impression that these apologias are crafted to produce is that left to their own devices these people would never even think of joining the jihad, that the concept is so alien that they actually have to be tricked into it.

The process so imprecisely referred to as Islamic radicalization is much more akin to the way that any totalitarian system of beliefs is learned:

1. Adherents become familiar with the hegemonic doctrine of Islam by reading the sacralized teachings of Mohammed.

2. Those teachings are really a political doctrine which is inherently triumphalist, violent, intolerant and anti-Western

3. As Islam is normatively taught and practiced, these “students” are walking time bombs, what the media refers to as radicalization is merely the mechanism of setting the detonator.

4. The development feeds upon itself. In the West Muslims tend towards congregating in ghettos, areas largely governed under the Shari’a. These places quickly become no-go zones for law enforcement.

5. The degree of bellicosity displayed against Dar al-Harb is proportional, governed by the “Islamic rule of numbers” as their presence grow, so do their demands.

6. The etiology of development and the doctrine itself are inseparable; hence the behavior is not an outlier, an aberrant interpretation.

7. Islam is the Shari’a and the Shari’a is a legal corpus of conquest. Though housed within trappings which invoke religion and ritual it must judged by the type of actions with which we all are now painfully familiar, which are largely military in nature.


A quasi-religious belief system whose very name invokes uncompromising universal submission to its precepts does not need to be radicalized in order to be an existential threat.


But who is pushing the insipid “radicalization” line?

The Islamist’s partner in subverting the West, the Marxist/progressive left, one half of the unholy alliance which unfortunately controls the legacy media.

From the Berkeley Berserkers, MoveOn:

“Paris is, tragically, not alone in suffering. A double suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday killed at least 43 people…other countries around the globe have experienced similar horrors this year…now, there's reason to fear that Paris will become a kind of tipping point [pushing the] global community further into mutual suspicion and perpetual retaliation.

Those responsible for these violent acts must be held accountable. But we can't forget how 9/11 was used to justify the war in Iraq, and that ISIS's own origins trace to a U.S-run Iraqi prison. It is precisely in moments like this one that we must be on guard against a rush to war.

France has already initiated military action against targets in Syria, with U.S. help. Anti-Muslim, anti-refugee rhetoric is flaring up in the U.S. and around the world. And we're already seeing right-wing hawks and neoconservatives in the United States - including those who pushed us to war after 9/11 - pushing for reckless military action and taking an even more cruel line towards desperate Syrian refugee families.”

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