Demonstrate! - The U.S. Congress Must Reject Obama’s Suicide Pact With Iran

August 31, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – A series of 535 anti-Iran agreement demonstrations will be held this evening. Each one will take place outside the office of a member of Congress at exactly 5:35 PM local time.

As part of the campaign to stop the Iran nuke deal the following video has been produced which presents an excellent summary of why it’s so important to stop this agreement which will empower Iran to an unimaginable degree and directly threaten the security of Israel and what is left of the free world.

These demonstrations - along with probably the last one [organized by the Tea Party Patriots] before the vote – Stop the Iran Deal – on September 9 @ 2PM in DC featuring Ted Cruz and Donald Trump – are the last line of defense against enactment of Obama’s suicide pact with the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

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