Marxist Foaming Mouth Alert: Soros’ MoveOn Bots Go After Schumer On Iran

August 10, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – The Soros puppet group, MoveOn, has taken after Senator Chuck Schumer [D-NY] with a vengeance since his announcement last week of opposition to Team Obama’s “agreement” with the terrorist Iranian regime.

Schumer is not one of the group’s favorite Democrats, having had the temerity to vote for Operation Iraqi Freedom – that is before he came out against it when the slogging got a bit rough, then using all of the now to be expected leftist tricks to undermine the war effort, the cause of innumerable additional casualties in the conflict.

In focus is a fundraising email disguised as a “petition,” It doesn’t appear that one can sign the “pledge” without contributing to the group, at least this author found it not possible.

As to the text of MoveOn’s hysterical effort, please consider the below partial transcript:

“We could be starting down the path to a new war in the Middle East…New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is to blame. This isn't hyperbole…Schumer has declared his public opposition to the Iran deal…a solid and verifiable diplomatic agreement that is the only way other than war to cut off Iran's pathway to a nuclear weapon.

Republicans - like those in last night's ten-ring circus of a debate - have made defeating the Obama administration's Iran deal their top priority… That's why MoveOn members are pushing forward with an unprecedented donor strike - to get individual donors to pledge to withhold a total of $10 million in donations from any Democrat who joins Sen. Schumer…”

And on and on and on…

As a fundraising method, this is typical of the Marxist/Progressive template, creating bogeymen where they don’t exist [characterizing Schumer as anything but the model of a totally loyal Democrat hack is absurd] whipping up the anti-Americanism and then leveraging that into stuffing organizational coffers.

Of note, Schumer’s list of big campaign contributors consists of a who’s who of New York City Wall Street powerbrokers, investment banking houses, international legal firms, earning hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

While groups like MoveOn pretend to represent “the people,” [in the process duping untold thousands, who of course thoroughly deserve being fleeced] in actuality they serve the DNC crony capitalists.

The Marxist anthem, “from each according to their ability…to each according to their need,” comes to mind here.

MoveOn undoubtedly has the ability to run a shell-game separating its members from their cash while desperately needing to maintain its phony street cred as it bows before the same corporate giants against which they nominally stand.

This is a game of exquisite balance, one at which the organization excels.

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