HUGE: Leftist American Jewish Committee Opposes Obama’s Iran Deal

August 5, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – The Obama administration got pole-axed today by a very surprising source, the American Jewish Committee [AJC].

The AJC is arguably the most influential Jewish advocacy group in the United States, having been created in 1906.

“When the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action…AJC issued a press release indicating that we would first study the full text and its implications, and then take a position on the deal…Over the past three weeks, AJC engaged in a very intensive…process of external consultations and internal deliberations…During this effort, we [met]…privately with…Secretary of State John Kerry…Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman…We also…[met]…with Democratic and Republican Members of Congress; diplomats from Europe, the Arab world, and Israel; and respected analysts knowledgeable about both nuclear diplomacy and Iran-related matters…[we participated]…in discussions…with President Barack Obama and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz…

In the end, AJC’s leadership concluded overwhelmingly that we must oppose this deal.

Much as we respect those in the P5+1, led by the United States… there are too many risks, concerns, and ambiguities…By abandoning the earlier negotiating posture…the P5+1 has indeed validated Iran’s future status as a nuclear threshold state, a point that President Obama himself acknowledged in a media interview.” [source, AJC Statement on Iran Deal]

AJC’s left leaning activism is well known, one of the reasons why the organization’s opinions on issues is so eagerly sought out by the legacy media, seeking support for whatever editorial position it collectively takes.

Hence today’s announcement is really a serious impediment to Team Obama’s precipitous and dangerous Iranian “deal.”

Already the effect is being seen with key Jewish Democrats publicly rejecting the pact.

“But since yesterday, that number [opposing the deal] has nearly doubled. And, amazingly, the latest three are all Jewish members of Congress. That’s a surprise because in their effort to appear impartial, many Jews in public office bend over backwards to avoid the appearance that they are voting a particular way because they are Jewish, regardless of their actual assessment of the matter. Few if any other minority group members act this way.” [source, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Nearing Double Digits in the Democrat Defection from Bad Iran Deal , Jewish Press]

This by no means signals that the deal will be rejected by Congress, or more importantly that the two bodies will vote to override a certain veto, but this is a very serious indication that Team O’s “legacy” Iran charade might be on the verge of falling apart.

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