Six Somali “Americans” Arrested in Plot to Join and Possibly Recruit for ISIS

April 21, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – On Sunday, in a multi-state bust, federal law enforcement arrested 6 men [believed to be of Somali heritage] in a plot to join and possibly recruit for the terrorist ISIS caliphate.

4 were apprehended in Minneapolis, Minnesota and 2 in the San Diego area of California.

“All six charged Monday had been arrested Sunday. Four appeared in federal court in St. Paul, Minn.—Adnan Farah, Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, Hanad Mustafe Musse and Guled Ali Omar—where the court appointed lawyers. Two others appeared in a San Diego court—Mr. Daud and Mohamed Abdihamid Farah—where they were arrested after driving from Minneapolis. They were ordered held pending a detention hearing this week. [source, Andrew Grossman, Ben Kesling Tamara Audi, U.S. Charges Six Minnesota Men With Trying to Join ISIS , Wall Street Journal]

A brother of one of those arrested, Mr. Omar, is currently facing federal charges over his attempt to join the Somali jihadist group Al-Shabaab.

As detailed by this writer a few days ago [see, William Mayer, State Department Plans To “Resettle” Syrians In Spartanburg, SC: Obama Funds Catholic Immigration Effort ,] the U.S. State Department continues its scandalous practice of bringing potential terrorists into the United States on the ruse that they are political refugees.

This practice has led to dozens of, mostly Al-Shabaab related, cases in which the new arrivals or their offspring returned to Somalia to join one of the most gruesome “holy wars” on the planet, rivaling the barbarity of that practiced by ISIS. [please refer to our 2013 piece, William Mayer, What The Media Refuses To Print - "Jihadist Ritual Murder and Mutilation at the Mall",]

Though the feds made the usual, insanely stupid remarks that the incident has “nothing to do with immigration or Somalia, etc.” despite their tendency to finance, fight and recruit for FTOs, it should be obvious to all that, “Houston, we have a problem here.”

This terror recidivism or tourism if you wish, closely follows a pattern among recent Muslim immigrants, especially those involved in State’s efforts to spread peace, love and brotherhood by bringing the jihad home. Upon departing from some terrorist hell-hole, these ingrates, once resettled in their new found land [often living off government stipends] quickly set about recreating the same environments from which they were “saved.”

Amazingly one of the advisors to the arrested individuals suggested that rather than prosecute these young bin-Laden wannabes they should instead receive counseling.

Perhaps cookies and milk might be the place to start, if one follows this moron’s reasoning.

We suggest taking a more effective approach. Try them for their alleged crimes and if found guilty, line them up in front of the closest earthen berm and machine gun them.

Ready on the right…ready on the left…

This country is at war [though apparently unaware of it] and when the United States - out of some imagined act of kindness - allows people like this into the country, upon which they turn on their benefactors with murderous intent, the harshest penalties are barely adequate recompense.