Obama’s “Dreamers” – ISIS Camp Just South Of U.S. Border?

April 16, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Various news sources are reporting that ISIS, the Syrian based jihadist group whose grotesque violence and crimes against humanity are happening so frequently and in such numbers that the mind reels, has set up camp in Northern Mexico, just miles from the US border.

Are these the alleged “dreamers” to whom Team O is openly offering asylum, free benefits and legal aid?

Perhaps, with this bunch anything is possible, but let’s look a little closer at the situation itself.

To judge by the furious efforts of Congressman Beto O’Rourke [D, TX] to cover-up/deny what could be a huge embarrassment to the administration, given it’s characterization just months ago that ISIS was part of the “JV team” and it’s failure to engage the largest jihadist army in the world, there may well be quite a bit of truth to the allegations, despite the young Congressman’s championing of landmark legislation such as H.R. 5267: Pet and Women Safety Act of 2014.

According to O’Rourke the tremendous national security threat which would be created by an ISIS outpost anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, let alone one just a few miles out of El Paso, Texas pales in comparison to the damage this presence would do to the unimpeded flow of illegal Mexicans with whom the Representative somehow identifies.

“Stories like these are good at scaring people and getting attention for those who spread them. But they are terrible for the country's image of the border, for El Paso's ability to recruit talent, and for our region's opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of being the largest bi-national community in the world.” [source, U.S. Rep. O'Rourke refutes latest ISIS in Mexico rumors, shows decades-long rumors of terrorists in Mexico ]

We are amazed that O’Rourke could even make such a statement with a straight face but then the supporters of open borders are a strange lot unto themselves.

Oddly the MSM is staying far, far away from this story leaving it to little hack broadcasting companies in the area to attempt to hide what may be the awful truth. The media's total lack of curiosity on this topic is typical, it not being nearly as well founded as Harry "the bleeder" Reid's outrageous claims from the Senate floor, where he was protected from libel prosecution in making the entirely false accusation that Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes in 10 years.

According to Judicial Watch, which has been at the forefront of challenging the Obama administration’s numerous fabrications and illegal actions, the facts of the matter are indeed alarming.

“ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector.

The exact location where the terrorist group has established its base is around eight miles from the U.S. border in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Another ISIS cell to the west of Ciudad Juárez, in Puerto Palomas, targets the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming for easy access to the United States, the same knowledgeable sources confirm.

During the course of a joint operation last week, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents in Arabic and Urdu, as well as “plans” of Fort Bliss – the sprawling military installation that houses the US Army’s 1st Armored Division. Muslim prayer rugs were recovered with the documents during the operation.” [source, ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm , Judicial Watch]

Numerous foreign nationals from terror friendly states have been seized along the border over the last few years and then quietly covered up, as would befit an administration in total denial of the increasingly threatening Islamic jihad. That Jeh Johnson, head of the Dept. of Homeland Security would seek to conceal such a matter in an effort to protect his boss is entirely believable, given the Secretaries predilection for parsing words to create false impressions. His talent for this is understandable, knowing nothing about national security matters, having previously been a “slip and fall” trial attorney.

In an article entitled, ISIS Training Camp Uncovered Near Texas Border, the Western Journalism new website states:

“Congressman Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., a member of the Armed Services Committee, also told Fox News last October that at least 10 ISIS affiliated fighters were caught trying to cross the border into Texas, according to his source in the Border Patrol. The Obama Administration denied that any known terrorists had been apprehended at the border at the time…”

Observing the legacy media fleeing from this story, seems to provide basic confirmation that there may be some truth to the allegation.

Regardless, such a story will inevitably sprout legs if ISIS is this close to the United States. Given the paucity of new coverage this is about as deep as one can go unless or until more evidence is developed, or for that matter the story is debunked.

In either case we will update this item as events warrant.

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