Mr. Obama Are You Listening Now? ISIS Releases HD Movie: We Will Burn America

April 16, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – First, props to the Clarion Project which alerted us to this item which we feel is of utmost importance.

We hope that someone within America’s dysfunctional national security apparatus alerts the Golfer in Chief that his JV jihadist team, ISIS has a new 15 minute movie in which the terrorist group threatens to burn America to the ground.

The graphic film [released 4.10.15] is expertly produced in HD. It’s broadcast quality bespeaks the seriousness with which threats by ISIS must be taken. These people are professionals. Indeed they are butchers, but their technology is approaching the point where only inept and foolish people will disregard the threat.

Unfortunately Washington, DC is filled with moral cowards, on both sides of the proverbial aisle, but none approach the level of sheer reckless abandon as does President Barack Hussein Obama.

Below a video clip from the film, please note, this is a video and does not do justice to the quality of the entire production, a link to which is provided below:

In the video, the group claims that America is no longer safe, nor are its fighting forces. It is calling upon homegrown “mujahideen” to launch terror attacks at will.

Some quotes from the movie:

"We will burn America"

“But today, it’s time for payback”

“Wallaahi [Allah] you won’t see from us but strength and harshness”

“Today, Muslims have a state, a caliphate, that doesn’t recognize except slitting the throats of the Disbelievers who refuse to pay the Jizya.”

ISIS claims it has the technical ability to hack into “secure” defense networks at will using recent breaches of Western media as examples. Furthermore ISIS makes the claim that it was able to hack into CENTCOM.

Mr. Obama’s JV team has now made it to the final four. Filled with a palpable a rage not seen since Medieval times ISIS is fully committed, mind and heart, sacralized by the Qur’an, to carry out its plan to burn America to the ground.

To screen the entire film, please visit the Clarion Project and scroll to the bottom of the page. We warn you, the footage is graphic. ISIS Threatens New 9/11 Repeat In New AgitProp Film

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