Bacon Attack At Oklahoma Mosque

April 15, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – In what could go down as the worst incident of Islamophobia yet to take place in the United States, local news sources are reporting that an Edmond, Oklahoma city mosque fell victim to a heinous pork attack sometime over the weekend.

“Before Sunday prayer service, raw bacon was discovered by a child at a local mosque.” [source, Dallas Franklin, “It’s really disgusting,” Vandals target Muslim mosque in possible hate crime ]

Images taken at the scene of the incident show what are apparently two strips of bacon which were deposited in a doorway, no doubt with evil intent and they did indeed seem to be uncooked.

Muslims are forbidden by the Qur’an from partaking in products made of or containing meat from swine, an unclean animal in their eyes.

As was to be expected, the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] a rather notorious Islamist organization in its own right, but a great friend of the Obama administration nonetheless, was quick to grab the closest podium and bleed rage…[paraphrasing] that the “attack” was a total outrage, a hate crime and…well you get the message.

Note: never stand between a CAIR rep and an open mic…

Perhaps though, the event can be seen in more positive terms.

Since we have been assured that Islam is fully compatible with the Constitution of the United States from which it would naturally follow that the Shari’a is not in conflict with the Bill of Rights, which of course includes the right to freedom of political expression, maybe this could be interpreted as a work of performance art, no different than such American iconic images such as Serrano's Piss Christ.

Unlike Christian terrorist mobs who rioted for a week over the Serrano exhibition, we know our Muslim brothers and sisters will understand that free societies are…well…free, and will act accordingly.