Dutch Cartoonist Who Mocked Muslims Jailed For "Discrimination"


May 16, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In another blow to free speech due to the country's descent into multicultural confusion, a Dutch satirical cartoonist, who writes under the pseudonym of Gregorius Nekschot was arrested this week for discrimination on a warrant ensuing from a 2005 complaint lodged by a Muslim convert, imam Abdul Jabbar Van de Ven.

In a brutal display of intimidation, ten police officers apprehended him while confiscating his computer, backup disks and mobile telephone, without which he can't work. He spent Tuesday night in jail and was released on Wednesday after a lengthy series of interrogations.

Van de Ven gained notoriety when he lauded the 2004 murder of Theo Van Gogh by Mohammed Bouyeri and said that he hoped to see Dutch MP Geert Wilders meet a similar fate. [source, translated from the Dutch, http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/328]

Van de Ven's complaint was channeled through the "Reporting Point for Discrimination Internet" [Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet, MDI] which is partially funded by the government and whose mission is to investigate and prosecute complaints of discrimination. Van de Ven coordinated an effort primarily via internet forums to write to the MDI to protest Nekschot's caricatures of Muslim extremists, which resulted in an avalanche of emails. The complaint was then passed on to the public prosecutor.

Nekschot is being charged with, "discriminating against Muslims and people with a dark skin color."

Though he publishes mainly on the internet, his book ?Nekschot Sick Jokes" has also come under police scrutiny. The artist is well known for his hard hitting cartoons in which he makes fun of various ideologies and religions.

Cartoon title: "Only progressive Dutch are still open to other cultures"

Caption, man on knees: "This Islamic butcher shop is extremely interesting"

He also mocked Van de Ven.

The public prosecutor says that the cartoons are more insulting than discriminatory. It is not certain if Nekschot will be prosecuted.

An investigation into Nekschot?s work is continuing under the aegis of the ?National Expertise Center for Discrimination," [Het Landelijke Expertise Centrum Discriminatie]. Politicians have called for an investigation into the matter claiming that freedom of expression is at stake.

Cabaret performer, Hans van Teeuwen, a friend of Nekschot, questioned why the cartoonist had not been requested to appear at the police, rather than being treated as a criminal, and said that Nekschot had used his right to remain silent.

Van Teeuwen wanted to know who had made the decision to arrest Nekschot, stating, "It is not about what you think of the drawings. A night in jail is unnecessary. Pure intimidation...This can happen to me and you too."

In a recent interview with Danish television Nekschot explained his artistic motivation:

"I have a deep seated need to make fun of sensitive topics. I can't help it. If you laugh you are not afraid...And if you are not afraid you are free...Since Van Gogh was murdered there is an atmosphere of fear. Everyone is afraid to say what he really believes." In response to the question of when he would stop with his drawings he responded, "When I'm dead." [source, translated from the Dutch, http://www.depers.nl/binnenland/202231/Cartoonist-in-de-cel-gezet.html]

As the stealth jihad rolls across Europe, destroying whatever remains of intellectual freedom, American institutions, so accommodating to aggressive ideologies and bound to multiculturalism, had better take note.

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