Israel Strikes? - Iran’s Parchin Nuke Site Spontaneously Explodes

October 6, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – In a stunning setback for Iran’s less-than-covert nuke program, the complex at Parchin, Iran appears to have been largely destroyed over night by what many are speculating was an Israeli spec ops attack.

The site is thought to have been primarily devoted to researching the type of explosives which are necessary to detonate a nuclear weapon, despite constant assurances to the contrary by the Ayatollocracy.

Official Iranian news sources claim that two were killed in the blast which shattered windows at least ten miles away from the site which itself is located in Northern Iran and about 20 miles outside Tehran.

Additional information as of this writing is sketchy, but we find it very difficult to imagine how this could have occurred absent outside assistance, the likely source of which would be Israel, which has repeatedly been threatened with nuclear annihilation by the rogue Shia theocracy.

The WH has not officially commented on the event.

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