Leader Of Israeli Faith Building Group Narrowly Escapes Arab Attack

November 27, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – According to the Israeli news website Arutz Sheva, Yisrael Zeira who leads an outreach group called Rosh Yehudi [rough translation, Jewish Mindset] narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on Thursday evening while he was driving.

Miraculously, though two bullets struck the driver’s side door, Mr. Zeira escaped without injury:

“Security forces began searching the area in an attempt to locate the shooters.

‘A great miracle happened tonight,’ Zeira wrote on his Facebook page after the attack. ‘Shots were fired towards us near the Kiryat Arba gas station. Thank G-d there were only two holes in the driver's door.’” [source, Ido Ben Perat, Security forces began searching the area in an attempt to locate the shooters, Arutz Sheva]

Rosh Yehudi was created 15 years ago with the intention of helping to rekindle the faith of secular Jews.

Numerous other terrorist related events pock-marked the day in Israel, the most significant of which involved Israeli intel/security forces foiling a plot my HAMAS to attack a sports stadium among other potential targets. It’s believed that the plot was run from inside Turkey. At least 30 suspects were taken into custody as well as bomb making material and weapons [source, ibid]

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