Israel Taking Measured Steps As It Ramps Up Retaliation In Response To Arab's Jihad

November 19, 2014 - San Francisco, CA - – In what must certainly be the most risible statement coming out of the HAMAS/Fatah/Palestinian Authority over the last few days, the “Voice of Palestine” broadcast the following from Gen. Adnan Damiri, one of the unity government’s talking heads.

“Netanyahu confirms every day that their solutions are not political that will lead to calm, but their solutions are escalatory, which will lead to more blood…They will be responsible for the blood of all people.” [source, Jodi Rudoren, Israel Demolishes Family Home of Palestinian Driver Who Killed 2 Pedestrians , New York Times]

This is typical with the so-called “Palestinian Resistance,” who indiscriminately and savagely murder innocent women and babies. If anything can be gleaned from this it’s that the Arabic jihadists are incapable of seeking peace. With every statement they reveal that these Islamic fanatics can’t be reasoned with.

Lest one think these atrocities are being caused by “just a few radicals,” the sight of Gazan women dancing and eating cookies after their co-religionists hacked 4 Jews to death while they were praying should serve to correct that misimpression. [Note: The lead image is an HAMAS "cartoon." The Jew hatred is obvious and the caption reads, "Where Are They? We sourced the translation from VocaTiv]

After yesterday’s mass arrest of the family of the Har Nof killers, Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal, today PM Netanyahu announced that his government had demolished one of the terrorists homes.

“This morning we demolished the home of a terrorist — this is a significant and important step, and there will be more home demolitions, there will be many more steps…” [source, ibid]

Additionally Israel is refusing to release the bodies of the two cousins who so viciously undertook the Tuesday morning attack.

Mr. Netanyahu’s admirable patience in ending the decades long jihad belies an intensity which is in line with his promise that this is only the start. We suggest a massive “disproportionate response,” perhaps dynamiting entire sections of the cities wherein these beasts dwell.

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