Nigerian Islamists Trying To Conflate Boko Haram Atrocities With Alleged Christian Prank

May 30, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – The website, OnIslam, has in the past served as a mouthpiece for Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Islamist kingpin with a huge following in the Muslim world.

Middle East historian, Daniel Pipes, PhD, characterizes Qaradawi as follows:

“Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Egyptian-Muslim spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who has endorsed, among other precepts, Palestinian suicide bombings against Israelis, the death penalty for homosexuals, and the murder of all Americans serving in Iraq.” [source, Susan L. Rosenbluth, It's Not a Clash of Civilizations, It's a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians]

In an article published by OnIslam [Rafiu Oriyomi, Pastor Stages Boko Haram-like Attack] the author, in a manner common in Islamist propaganda, attempts to conflate what might possibly be an incident involving the throwing of firecrackers, with Boko Haram’s savage Islamic jihad.

The lead paragraph indeed appears to be troubling, “Nigerian Muslims have called on authorities to arrest and prosecute a pastor in southwestern Osun State who allegedly conspired with three other Christians to stage a Boko Haram-like attack on his church.”

But much farther down in the piece IslamOnline’s reporter states a version of the truth, which at worst appears to a simple prank.

“The trio, according to witnesses in the community, threw fireworks into a Baptist church on Sunday, injuring some members of the congregation who had scampered for safety.”

This has all the attributes of a disinformation campaign by Nigerian Islamists to take the spotlight off Islamic jihad – no identified witnesses, no mention of a police report, no sign of any physical attack, excepting the aside, “injuring some members”…nothing.

Barring proof to the contrary, we conclude that the entire incident is likely made-up.

Why is this important you might ask?

Noting this incident is of worth because it’s illustrative of one of the methods by which Islamist ideology is spread. It’s jihad of the pen spread by a member of the media who just happens to be affiliated with a sketch source of news regarding the Muslim world.

Though much in fashion among modern jihadists, the technique has historically been used by totalitarians of all stripes as they seek to fracture a culture along ethnic, gender or economic lines, knowing that societies turned in on themselves are more easily conquered.

It’s this process which is now at play in the West as all too many Muslims try to create a sense of victim-hood in the face of their own co-religionists barbarism and very much the equivalent of the patricidal son begging for judicial mercy because he is now an orphan.

That it’s effective is obvious, that in this context, it’s an insidious method of jihad is equally apparent.

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