State Department Lies Re Boko Haram: “They’re Not An Affiliate” Of Al-Qaeda

May 21, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – Speaking for the State Department in the 5/20 press gaggle, Ms. Psaki reiterated State’s assertion that Boko Haram is not affiliated with al-Qaeda.

The Daily Beast’s Ed Lasky indicates that Nigeria’s Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram received “seed” money from Osama bin-Laden as early as 2002, was trained by al-Qaeda’s North African affiliate and that documents captured in the Abbottabad raid that killed bin-Laden prove that he personally provided strategic advice to the group.

Here, Mr. Lasky discusses the matter with CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

Psaki’s usual drivel below:

QUESTION: On Nigeria. The U.S. has assisted Nigeria in a request to have Boko Haram blacklisted under the UN Security Council’s Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee. Does this mean that the U.S. now thinks that Boko Haram is affiliated to – with al-Qaida?

MS. PSAKI: We have been working closely with Nigeria and a range of other countries on UN sanctions, including by sharing information and evidence. Obviously, this is a UN-led process, and it’s ongoing. And I’m not going to predict for all of you what the outcome will be or read it out any further.

We have – while we don’t regard Boko Harm and continue – don’t – still regard Boko Haram as part of core al-Qaida, we have indications and have long had, I think with evidence in our – was included in our past fact sheets – indications of some limited assistance to Boko Haram from al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, including funds and training. And that’s long been – that’s not a new finding. It’s just long – long been our view for some time.

QUESTION: So yesterday when you mentioned that there is no connection – there was no connection to core al-Qaida, not an affiliate?

MS. PSAKI: It was – they’re not an affiliate, correct. But there is connection in the sense that there are – there’s evidence in the past of assistance and funding.

QUESTION: And in the last few days we’ve heard from both the FBI director and Senator Feinstein. They’ve said that al-Qaida has metastasized. Does Secretary Kerry share that view?

MS. PSAKI: I think our view has long been, Lucas, that while core al-Qaida has been decimated, we’ve been concerned about affiliates or the growth of some of those around the world. I don’t think we’ve made any secret of that. And so it’s an issue that we continue to work on and we work on through the interagency in a – with a range of our partners around the world.

QUESTION: But does Secretary Kerry share the views of the FBI director and Senator Feinstein?

MS. PSAKI: He hasn’t spoken to it in that capacity, so I’ll leave it at what the Secretary has said about it.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Team Obama continues to lie about all matters pertaining to Islamic jihad for purely political purposes and to continue the absurd narrative that al-Qaeda is dead and buried.

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