Islam And Sex Slavery


May 19, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – - “I abducted your girls. By Allah, I have the right to sell these girls as slaves… There is a market for selling humans,” Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said with a diabolical smile. This threat was issued in a video message on May 6. Boko Haram means “Western education is sinful.” It is an extremely violent and dangerous African terrorist organization linked to Al-Qaeda. They demand the enforcement of Sharia law in northern Nigeria and are against Christians and education for girls. “Kill, kill, kill, kill!” said the ruthless Boko Haram leader in another video message. Those he wants dead are the Christians, all of them. Unless they convert to Islam straightaway.

It was on April 14 that well armed Boko Haram jihadists stormed the village of Chibok in the northern Borno state. It happened in the night and it was very dark. They entered the sleeping quarters of the local secondary school and abducted about 276 largely Christian girls. Some fifty girls managed to escape.

About 130 abducted girls were shown in a video message posted on May 12. All of them had apparently been forced to convert to Islam and were wearing Islamic clothes and reciting Koranic texts. They were scared to death. Abubakar Shekau said: “These girls remain with us until the Nigerian government releases our brothers and sisters being held in various detention facilies accross the country.”

The girls were probably hidden in a nearby forest, not far from the porous Nigerian-Camerounese border. Reports from people living in the forest “say Boko Haram fighters are sharing the girls, conducting mass marriages, selling them each for $ 12. One community leader explained the practice as ‘a medieval kind of slavery.’”

Wole Soyinka, a Nigerian who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1986, told CNN that Abubakar Shekau is a “homicidal maniac,” the abduction of nearly 300 defenseless girls is a “monstrosity, it is Fascism.” It is not just “a Nigerian problem,” he said. I’m calling for the international community, the United Nations – this is a global problem. And a foothold is being very deeply entrenched in West-Africa.”

It was not the first time that Boko Haram abducted girls, nor was it the last. Human Rights Watch reported in November 2013 that these terrorists have abducted scores of women and girls and used children as young as 12 in hostilities.

On May 6, well armed Boko Haram fighters launched another spectacular attack. They entered the border town of Gambura Ngala and attacked the local market. They fired into market crowds and some 300 innocent civilians were mowed down by machine guns or burned alive in their shops or houses. Those who tried to escape from their burning houses were also killed in this Nazi style mass murder operation.

Muhammad: a polygamist

In his biography “Muhammad” French Islam expert Maxime Rodinson describes how Muhammad dealt with the Banu Qurayza, a hostile Jewish tribe, in 627. An arbiter named Sa’d ibn Mu’adh pronounced a harsh sentence: “All adult males were to be slain, the women and children sold into slavery, and their property divided.” “Muhammad cried out: ‘You have judged according to the very sentence of Allah above the seven skies.’ The next day he had great trenches dug in the market place of Medina. The Jews were led out together in groups, and beheaded, one by one, on the edge of the trenches and thrown in. According to some there were six or seven hundred of them; while others say eight or nine hundred.”

“After this the women and children were sold. The money they fetched and the chattels were divided up, two extra shares being given to the horsemen. The prophet took a concubine for himself, the lovely Rayhana, the widow of those who had been executed. She was converted to Islam.”

Muhammad was a polygamist. He had nine wives and four concubines – the so-called “Mothers of the Believers.” They are mentioned by British Islam expert W. Montgomery Watt in his thorough study “Muhammed at Medina.” One of these wives was “Mariyah, the Copt, a slave-concubine presented to Muhammad by the ruler of Egypt in 628/6 or earlier, who bore him a son called Ibrahim; she remained a concubine.” She, too, was forced to convert to Islam. Ibrahim died in infancy. One of Muhammad’s wives was Aishah bint Abi Bakr. Being just nine years old, she was the only virgin he married, Montgommery Watt writes.

Child marriages are still quite common in parts of Africa (notably in Niger, Chad, Mali, Guinea, Sudan, Somalia), Asia (notably in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan) and the Middle East (notably in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran). Today, decent and civilized people in the West would describe such “marriages” as illegal paedophilic relationships: degenerated and dirty old men who force defenseless female minors into something the latter usually don’t want. Lots of defenseless Asian girls and so-called “house maids” are forced to have sex with rich Arab “Sheikhs” living in Dubai, Saudi-Arabia or Qatar. They are continuously subjected to rape and beatings. Some of them even died. These girls, too, are today’s “sex slaves.”

Osama bin Laden watched pornographic movies

Osama bin Laden, the founder of the terror network al-Qaeda, married five women. His first wife, Najwa Ganhem, left him in 2001. Three of his wives were living is his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, when American Navy SEALS entered it on May 1, 2011, and killed him. Like many radical Muslims the al-Qaeda leader, too, seemed to enjoy watching pornographic movies.

American journalist Nicholas Schmidle wrote an excellent essay on “What happened that night in Abbottabad.” When the SEALS collected flash drives, CDs, DVDs and computer hardware from the room which had served, in part, as bin Laden’s makeshift media studio, they “also found an archive of digital pornography. ‘We find it on all those guys, whether they’re in Somalia, Iraq, or Afghanistan,’ the special operations officer said.” “In the coming weeks, a C.I.A.-led task force examined the files and determined that bin Laden had remained far more involved in the operational activities of al-Qaeda than many American officials had thought.” I still remember quite well how some liberal terrorism experts in Holland (notably Beatrice de Graaf) and Britain (notably Jason Burke) also repeatedly asserted that bin Laden was an old man who had largely lost control of the al-Qaeda network and that Al-Qaeda “has lost momentum.” Abdel Bari Atwan published the book “After bin Laden” in 2012. Although he fails to mention the C.I.A. findings, he does make the following correct observation: “Osama bin Laden is dead, but the movement he co-founded more than two decades ago is stronger and more widespread than ever, with a presence accross much of the Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia and even in Europe and North America.”

At least two of the 9/11 suicide pilots visited The Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret, a strip club in Las Vegas. “Samantha, a 29-year old stripper, told the San Francisco Chronicle, that she had been paid to lapdance for Marwan al-Shehhi, the pilot of the second aircraft to hit the World Trade Center.” French terrorism expert Gilles Kepel writes that two of the 9/11 suicide pilots “watched a pay-perview porn film in their motel room on the night of September 10 – hardly an act of Muslim piety – and then the next morning performed their duty with unquestioning religious faith and total obedience to their masterminds’ instructions.”

Many young male suicide bombers are lured into committing their despicable acts of terrorism by the imaginary prospect being welcomed by 72 eager and pretty virgins once they enter “paradise” or “heaven.” (They don’t go the heaven at all, however; they go straight to hell instead – all of them.)

An obnoxious breed of radical Muslim clerics base themselves on the Koran which says: “As for the righteous, they shall surely triumph. Theirs shall be gardens and vinyards, and high-bosomed maides for companions: a truly overflowing cup.” (Sura 78:31). Lots of alcohol and sensuous women for these savages and religious lunatics! No wonder they watch pornographic movies, visit prostitutes in London, Paris or New York or go to strip bars in Las Vegas – for them it is a foretaste of what is to come. Moreover, their despicable version of Islam entirely justifies raping non-Muslim women.

Radical Muslims in Algeria also raped and subsequently killed numerous Muslim women, as I discovered during a visit to that country in 1998. These terrorists also targeted Catholic priests and monasteries – defenseless and peaceful servants of God who helped the poor whereever they could.

Raymond Ibrahim, an American expert on Islam and Al-Qaeda, recently pointed to a fatwa issued by Saudi Sheikh Muhammad al-Arifi, “who, along with other Muslim clerics, earlier permitted jihadis to rape Syrian women.” Moreover, practicing Muslim women are called upon “to travel to Syria and offer their sexual services to the jihadis fighting to overthrow the secularist Assad government and install Islamic law. “One the basis of this fatwa, several young Tunisian Muslim girls traveled to Syria to be ‘sex-jihadis’. Video interviews of distraught parents bemoaning their daughters’ fate are on the Internet, including one of a father and mother holding the picture of their daughter: ‘She’s only 16 – she’s only 16! They brainwashed her!’ pleads the father.”

Slavery is still a huge problem in Africa

There are 700,000 slaves in Nigeria alone, according to “Walk Free” quoted by CNN. “They are often abducted from extremely poor rural areas. Some are trafficked for slave labor including prostitution, occasionally to criminals in Europe and the Middle East. Others are forced into marriage.”

Muslims played and are still playing an important role in the slave trade and the trafficking of women. Sir Arnold T. Wilson published a noteworthy study on “The Persian Gulf” back in 1928 (second impression in 1954). He wrote: “If our efforts to keep the Gulf free from the curse of slavery have fallen short of the successes that we had hoped for, it has not been through lack of effort and vigilance, either in earlier days or in more recent times.”

More recently, Ronald Segal, who played an important role in the ANC, published the study “Islam’s Black Slaves.” He claims that slavery is still a problem in Mauritania and Sudan. Saudi Arabia and Lebanon were and probably still are also involved in the slave trade. He quotes from John Laffins book “The Arabs as Master Slavers.” Laffin claimed in 1982 “that Africans were still being tricked into visiting Mecca as pilgrims and being enslaved there. Air transport has made such traffick easier, since the victims could be brought from source to market in a single hop. And Saudi Arabia was probably still ‘the principal importer of slaves.’”

“Already in 1973, the Anti-Slavery Society had reported to the United Nations the prosecution of nine Ghanians and a Lebanese, at Accra in March of that year, for having sold fourteen-year-old Ghanian girls to buyers in Lebanon.”

Sex slaves from Africa are also exported to Europe and North America. In Holland, for example, about 200 African women reported to the police that they had been forced into prostitution. Many of them are from West Africa. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Prosecutors and the police do not have sufficient manpower to deal with all these cases and the criminal African traffickers often go unpunished.

African and Muslim asylum seekers in Europe

Ever more Syrians and Africans are entering Europe as illegal immigrants. In Holland, for example, about one thousand largely Eritrean and Syrian asylum seekers apply for asylum every week. By the end of the year the number of asylum seekers will have risen to 65,000, according to Fred Teeven, the Dutch Deputy Minister of Justice. Most of these people arrived via Lampedusa or Sicily (Italy) but the Italians do not want to keep them there. This is a clear violation of the Dublin Agreement.

A court in Holland recently ruled that the Dutch government must also take care of illegal immigrants whose applications for asylum have been turned down. Such silly rulings will only encourage hundreds of thousands of Africans and Muslims from the Middle East to select Holland as their final destination. (In Lybia alone, some 350,000 Africans en Muslims are waiting to cross the Mediterranian and all of them want to travel to Germany, Holland or Sweden.)

Each asylum seeker costs the Dutch tax payer more than 100,000 dollars. Asylum lawyers, for example, are quite expensive. Expelling illegal immigrants whose applications have been rejected is also a costly operation. A young man from Syria told a Dutch TV reporter: “We hear that Holland is the best country for us. There are more chances that our applications for asylum will be honored quickly.” Society cannot cope with such a massive influx.

It is also a fact that crime is more rampant among non-Western immigrants than among native Dutch, Belgian, French, German or Swedish citizens. In Berlin, for example, thirteen Arab and two Turkish families are continuously causing serious problems for law enforcement. There are also violent Muslim youth gangs who rob elderly ladies as well as not so few African cocaine dealers. And what about all those second-generation Muslim immigrants in Holland, Germany, France, Belgium or Britain who have joined Al-Qaeda in Syria?

Among the refugees entering Europe now are lots of members of the outlawed Syrian and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim radicals. All these militant Muslims are anti-Semites. It must not be forgotten that many members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood fled to Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. Some of them played an important role as al-Qaeda operatives in Germany and Spain between 1995 and 2002. One of them was Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas (“Abu Dahdah”). Already in August 2001 he knew about the forthcoming 9/11 attacks. We in Europe welcomed, harbored and protected these people, but they betrayed our trust. The same mistake must not be made again.


Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands. Website:


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