Dr. Gorka’s Prescription For Stopping Putin

March 20, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – While the West remains immobile in the face of Vlad Putin’s latest adventure in nation building, there are some sober heads who are counseling the type of reasonable, but hard-hitting counter measures which might actually halt the little dictator’s grandiose scheme.

One of these is Dr. Sebastian Gorka [Associate Dean and Associate Professor of War and Conflict Studies at National Defense University, Washington, and an Associate Fellow of SOCOM’s Joint Special Operations University] who has developed a three pronged counter-strategy in opposition to the establishment of a revitalized Soviet Empire [please refer to Dr. Sebastian Gorka, OK, So Now What? Three Ways to Staunch Russian Expansion Post-Crimea , Breitbart News]

1. Attack the financial assets of Russia’s thugocracy, especially their Cyprus based bank accounts. If the goons who keep Putin in control become displeased, Putin’s lock on power becomes highly problematic. Additionally the author suggests that a bit of cyber-warfare against the control systems of Russia’s infrastructure would be highly effective.

2. Provide the type of aid that the Ukrainians require, with Gorka suggesting that such simple items as communication technology, “we could give radios to the Ukrainians who actually like us and want to be our allies.

3. Conduct outreach to the various “Central Asian ‘Stans’” with an eye towards building solidarity against further Russian predation.

The beauty of these suggestions is that they would be effective, would occur pretty much under the radar and would not involve deploying American troops into the Ukrainian tinderbox.

The underlying determination here is crucial, despite the Western media’s near glorification of Vlad, he is as Gorka notes, “Putin was a second-rate KGB officer who is only in power because a handful of kleptocrats keep him in power.”

In street lingo, "cut him and he will bleed."

Putin is simply behaving as bullies usually do when they are unchallenged. Dr. Gorka’s prescription is deceptively simple and should prove an effective demonstration that it would be in Putin’s best interests to think more than twice about his next aggressive move.

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