Emerson’s Anti-Jihad Film – The Grand Deception - Wins Special Award at New York Film Festival


June 25, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In what can only be called an improbable turn of events, Steven Emerson’s emotionally charged film - an indictment of Islamic jihad/radicalism as well as the Shari’a - was selected as "Best U.S.A Documentary on a Political Subject," at the very presigious New York Film Festival.

This is really kind of mind blowing, given the reality that works which are perceived as being contra liberal never get much of a look, if any, at these "festivals," which usually feature film after film depicting America’s alleged "crimes," from colonialism through Zionism with a little "institutional" racism and burning crosses thrown in for leavening.

So it is especially noteworthy that Grand Deception, which is so in-your-face politically incorrect, especially in a country eager to contort itself into a near pretzel shape in order to cater to the tender sensibilities of our Muslim brothers and sisters, was so honored.

As Mr. Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism website explains:

"Using undercover recordings, court exhibits and interviews with front-line law enforcement officials and Muslim experts on radical Islam, the 70-minute film focuses on the Muslim Brotherhood and its penetration in the United States. The objective was to juxtapose what Islamists say about terrorism among themselves against what they say for public consumption, Emerson said during a red carpet interview at the New York screening. "The other issue, of course, is to empower and to give a venue to genuine moderates who really reflect a moderate point of view of Islam who aren't given the empowerment they deserve because they are basically vilified by these radical groups who don't want their stage taken away from them."

We congratulate Mr. Emerson for being singled out for this honor. You have and continue to be a tireless [not to mention fearless] researcher who has devoted his life to educating the public as to the danger posed by creeping Shari’a and jihadist ideology.

Why Is It News That The U.S. Is Arming The Syrian Insurgents?

June 18, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – To read the headlines it’s like "surprise we are going to war…well kinda," against Syria’s Assad regime.

It seems that Mr. Obama’s is still busy, further complicating his disastrous foreign policy by moving on Syria in a way which could quickly develop into a major disaster. If this news constitutes a revelation to any serious national security wonk, or even someone simply interested in diplomacy then they had better not quit their day job.

Actually the U.S. has been arming the Syrian "rebels" since at least the tenure of now-deceased Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, actually, even before Stevens was elevated to the rank of ambassador.

A brief listing of the coverage PipeLineNews has previously provided, which are pertinent to the subject at hand:

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Al-Qaeda is Still Alive and Kicking!

Brief synopsis of the current sit-rep:

The outing of some of the contestants and details in this formerly covert but poorly hidden operation has, instead of clarifying the matter, muddied it. Most importantly it ignores this conflict’s raison d’etre - the ancient war between the Sunni Muslims and those of the Shia sect

The Saudis want to establish a Sunni beachhead in Syria as a check against potential Iranian expansionism. This policy, from the Saudi viewpoint is a wise strategic move and one can see the merits which would accrue to such a presence - were Iran to permit it, which is highly unlikely.

Security Leaks? Why Does Obama Ignore Julian Assange - Responsible For The Most Serious National Security Leaks In U.S. History?


June 17, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – While Team Obama and his allies in the media are furiously denouncing Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle blower [whom the DOJ is presumably considering extraditing from wherever he might be holed up] it continues to ignore Julian Assange, quite probably the greatest national security leaker in U.S. history.

Assange and his wiki coalition of left-wing net saboteurs have so far released over 2 million secret national security documents – actually the total count is probably quite a bit more.

Yet, three years after the fact, Assange is conducting business as usual…out of the Ecuadorian Embassy located in London!

Yes, not only do the Feds know where this clown is, they could probably leave him a message at the embassy’s switchboard. So little does Assange fear extradition by the U.S. DOJ, he is trying to form a political party from his sanctuary!

The truth is that Obama has no intention of going after Assange - you see, most of the leaks were designed to embarrass previous administrations [especially that of GW’s] not his and thus we believe he is actually down with the program - knowing what we now know about the brazen criminality of Mr. Obama’s administration

Yet oddly, after this massive and extraordinarily damaging data dump, criminal charges have yet to be filed. After what we must assume is a three year investigation no serious effort, to our knowledge, has been made to extradite him.

He does not appear on the FBI’s most wanted list either. As a matter of fact a search of the FBI website reveal NO reference to Julian Assange – there are a few reference to Operation Assange [odd name huh?] which deals with a conspiracy to defraud or at least breach the security of PayPal.

Abbas Chooses Suicide Bombing Supporter – Rami Hamdallah – As Prime Minister For The Pale Authority


June 12, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – An-Najah National University in Nablus is notorious for it's 'Sbarro Cafe Exhibition' a walk through glorification of one of the most despicable act of Islamic terrorism ever committed against the people of Israel.

The 2001 attack was perpetrated by HAMAS which targeting the popular Italian restaurant killed 15, 7 of which were children. An additional 130 casualties were recorded, many with devastating battlefield type injuries…shattered limbs, sucking chest wounds, third degree burns, disembowelment…the entire gamut.

In joyous commemoration of this atrocity, students at an-Najah University, located in Nablus - HAMAS central - constructed a walk through replica of the Sbarro Café’s entry way, complete with a Italian flag bunting which framed the opening to the restaurant.

Inside were graphic references to the violence of the day, large pools of fake blood replete with numerous body parts.

This monstrous "exhibit" was constructed apparently with full approval of an-Najah’s then president, Rami Hamdallah.

Perhaps as a reward for his steadfast embrace of Islamic jihad, outgoing Pale president Mahmoud Abbas appointed Hamdallah on June 2 to form the new government.

For the record, Abbas is a Jew hating Muslim fanatic, his PhD dissertation?

"The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism."

The Stellar Incompetence Of Mrs. Clinton


June 11, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - The spotlight caused by the deaths of 4 Americans [Ambassador Chris Stevens and three special "operators"] and the destruction of our "diplomatic facility" in Benghazi, along with her obvious intent to run for her party’s nomination in 2016 have kept Hillary Clinton’s name in the headlines for months, with no real end in sight.

Yet her poor judgment in Benghazi - and dozens of other matters which have passed across her desk at State, for example the outrage of permitting Cuba to rejoin the OAS – have demonstrated a level of general incompetency which is breathtaking even for this administration.

As a result, Hillary is unfit for any office, let alone the one oval shaped one in the big white mansion.

In defense of this charge, consider some of the evidence.

Just a few days after the terrorist attacks in Benghazi , Hillary and the president appeared together in a advertising clip aired on Pakistani television. In that "public service message" they apologized to the Muslim world for an amateurish home-made video - "Innocence of Muslims" – claiming that it was this stunningly awful work of an amateur which was the sole cause of the Benghazi bloodbath.

They also promised that the person responsible for the video would be punished, which he indeed was, landing him - Mark Bassely Youssef – in the slammer, oddly not for making the video [which of course would be unconstitutional…at least under the current understanding of the First Amendment] but for a parole violation.

He remains imprisoned as of this writing – his real crime?

Youssef has been declared an enemy of the state.

CA Neo Marxist Legislature Moves To Effectively Kill 2nd Amendment


June 4, 2013 - San Franciso, CA - PipeLineNews.org - California Senate bills [SB] 47, 374, 396, 53, 108, 293, 299, 567, 683 and 755 and, on the Assembly side we have [AB] 48, 169, 180, 231 and 711 are all part of a concerted totalitarian move by CA lefty [read Democrat party] legislators whose ultimate goal is to ban and then confiscate all civilian held firearms in the state.

No exceptions…

No, not for great grand father’s 150 year old Civil War musket which he carried through many campaigns, ditto for uncle Joe’s 100 year old, well worn, lever action deer rifle, a family heirloom.
No, not for Barbie Smith and her diminutive Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver which she bought solely to defend herself against a violent and insanely jealous former boyfriend who is already subject to a restraining order but ignores it.

No, not for retired LE officers.

Ditto for servicemen returning from multiple tours of duty overseas.

No, not for the small business owner who regularly must carry a significant amount of cash to the bank.
And certainly not for grandma Sally, who though 78 lives alone in a high crime neighborhood and has had her home burglarized twice in the last three months.

No guns for you, for any reason.


You can’t be trusted and the mere presence of firearms in this state is seen as a mortal threat by the legislators who are as of this writing, seeking to turn California into a police state.

Did they expect to be greeted with parades and rose petals?

It seems that the neo-Marxist Dems in Sacto have taken a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook and are moving with breathtaking speed while they control both houses of the State Legislature, the Governorship and nearly all of the high state elective offices, to ram this legislation through right now before conditions possibly change

We are talking over a dozen bills, below from the NRA-ILA analysts:..the scope of this legislation is frankly, staggering. “…Senate Bill 47 (Yee) expands the definition of “assault weapons” to BAN the future sale of rifles that have been designed/sold and are equipped to use the “bullet button” or similar device, requires NEW “assault weapon” registration of ALL those semi-auto rifles that are currently possessed to retain legal possession in the future, and subjects these firearms to all other “assault weapons” restrictions. SB 47 passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.

Senate Bill 374 (Steinberg) expands the definition of "assault weapons" to BAN the future transfer of all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines (including those chambered for rimfire cartridges), requires NEW "assault weapon" registration, requires registration of ALL those semi-auto rifles that are currently possessed to retain legal possession in the future, and subjects these firearms to all other "assault weapon" restrictions. SB 374 passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.
Moroccan Criminal Gangs in Holland and Belgium Heavily Involved in Cocaine Smuggling

June 3, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - Moroccan criminal gangs in Amsterdam and Antwerp are heavily involved in smuggling cocaine, the Dutch TV news program “Brandpunt” recently reported. This cocaine originates from Latin America.

Latin American cocaine bosses discovered that it relatively easy to smuggle cocaine to Europe via the huge port of Antwerp. Belgian authorities do not have the manpower to check all the containers from Latin America.

Last January, the Amsterdam police tried to arrest a Moroccan criminal, but he jumped into one of Amsterdam’s canals and managed to swim to the other side. The water was icy cold then. Suddenly, shots were fired, but not by the police. Moroccan criminals are killing other Moroccan criminals, both in Amsterdam and Antwerp – gang wars between rival groups about who will be in charge of the lucrative cocaine smuggling operations between Antwerp and Amsterdam. Yesterday’s juvenile frequent offenders from immigrant neighborhoods in Amsterdam and Antwerp are today’s seasoned and well armed criminals. These Moroccans spend lots of money in nightclubs, own Rolex watches and very expensive cars. Yet, they usually receive welfare money.

At the end 2012, four Moroccan drug criminals in Amsterdam’s “Staatsliedenbuurt” who were driving a black Range Rover were targeted by other criminals who aimed their AK-47 machine guns at them. Two criminals managed to escape, the other two ­ – the nephews Said el Yazidi and Youssef Lekhorf, were killed. The killers did not even hesitate to shoot at the motorized police when they (the police) followed their stolen car.