Amnesty International Rips Mohamed Morsi Over the Continuing Persecution of Egypt's Christian Copts

March 27, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - Egyptian president Morsi is being targeted by the decidedly leftist group, Amnesty International [AI], which accused the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] dictator of failing to protect Egypt's Christian Copts.

In a statement issued by the organization it demanded: "...Coptic Christians [in Egypt] must be protected from sectarian violence.. “Time and time again, President Mohamed Morsy has claimed to be the president of all Egyptians. Now, he needs to take action to ensure that sectarian violence is prevented and when it occurs that it is properly investigated, with those responsible facing justice,” [source, Mahmoud Khaled, Amnesty Slams Morsi for Failing to Protect Copts, Almasry Alyoum, the Egyptian Independent]
While AI usually spends its time beating up "right wing," governments including that of the United States for "human rights abuses," it seldom has singled out any of the numerous leftist and now Islamist dictatorships which have exploded across the Middle East as a result of Barack Obama's "Arab Spring."

Muslim persecution of non-Muslims is endemic throughout the Islamic world as the Shari'a makes no allowances for peacefully coexisting alongside other religions on an equal basis. This is rooted in the sense of triumphalism present in all Islamic theory; there is but on God, Allah, and his religion, Islam, is preordained to dominate the Earth.
Therefore it is not and has no intention of being accommodative to other belief structures.
More and More Young Muslims in Holland and Belgium Praise Hitler or Join the Jihad in Syria

March 27, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - “I am pleased with what Hitler did to the Jews. As far as I am concerned, he should have killed all of them.” “I hate Jews, period. Nothing you will do will make me change my mind.” “I hope all those bloody Jews will die soon.” These anti-Semitic statements were made by Turkish high school students in the Dutch city of Arnhem. They were interviewed by Mehmed Sahin in a Dutch TV program called “Onbevoegd Gezag.” Sahin, who is of Turkish-Kurdish descent and also lives in Arnhem, is a researcher at Amsterdam’s Free University. He is currently writing his PhD.

Sahin was really shocked by what he heard. He had first asked these youngsters whether they knew who Anne Frank was. “Of course, we know,” they said. And then followed their spontaneous eulogy of Hitler and the Holocaust. It had been Sahin’s sincere intention to raise the topic of the Holocaust – not as a myth, but as a fact. He said that he wanted these Turkish high school students to change their mind so that they would stop hating Jews. “I think that you will have quite a different view next year,” Sahin told them. “You won’t succeed,” was the reply. Moreover, Sahin’s “pro-Jewish” view was not appreciated at all by his anti-Semitic opponents in the Muslim community of Arnhem. Muslims from his own multicultural neighborhood reportedly issued death threats against him and he even had to go into hiding for some time.

Most of the high school students interviewed by Sahin are third-generation immigrants. Anti-Semitism is rampant amongst young Muslims, not only in Holland, but also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Quite a lot of high school teachers in Europe’s big “multicultural” cities refuse to raise the topic of the Holocaust in the class room because that would provoke a hostile or even violent reaction on the part of Muslim students. This is a huge problem in Holland – the very country where Anne Frank was deported to Auschwitz. About 100,000 Jews from Holland died in the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Sobibor. Anne Frank barely survived Auschwitz, but she died in the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen in March 1945 – just a few months before the end of the Second World War.

A recent Belgian survey on the attitudes of young people in the Flemish cities of Antwerp and Ghent finds that 45 percent of the young Muslims in those cities have an adverse attitude towards Jews believing, inter alia, that “Jews want to dominate everything.” Dutch journalist Bart Schut points out that half of all young Muslims in Belgium are anti-Semites, but in Antwerp, Schut emphasizes, the percentage of young Muslims with anti-Semitic attitudes is even as high as 85 percent!
Obama's Trip to Israel - The Democrat Party Continues its Assault on the Jewish State's Sovereignty

March 18, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - The president is in Israel today.

The question is why?

Symbolism is of course always a factor in Obama's political moves, but it is by no means the primary reason for his trip, though it's not hard to imagine a number of reasons why he wouldn't want to be stateside given the mess his administration has made of the budget process, among numerous other failures.

Any reasonably acute observer knows the considerable animus much of the Israeli electorate is increasingly showing toward this CIC. The explanation is easy to understand of course, Mr. Obama is an enemy of Zionism, seems to have a particular dislike for religious Jews in general and Bibi Netanyahu in particular and has proven through his actions that he is eager to support every corrupt jihadist dictatorship on the planet.
Meddling in Israel's political affairs is nothing new to the modern Democrat party.

President Clinton and his practitioners of "the politics of personal destruction" [in this instance, Greenberg, Carville & the thoroughly detestable Bob "Scum" Shrum] were set loose on the Israeli electorate, eventually [but temporarily] ousting Netanyahu in favor of a stooge candidate, Ehud Barak of the now moribund Kadima party, a creation of the late Ariel Sharon. "...Clinton’s hostility towards Netanyahu is not new. In 1999, Clinton successfully ousted Netanyahu from office by dispatching James Carville, Stanley Greenberg, Robert Shrum and current J-Street operative Jim Gerstein to Israel with the mission spearheading an American-funded election campaign for then-Labor leader Ehud Barak, an eager accomplice to Washington’s regional agenda..." [source, Sagit Levi, Bill Clinton blames Netanyahu for Thwarting U.S. Agenda, Indy News Israel]
Congressional Testimony: James Clapper on Arab Spring, "Islamist Actors ...Chief Beneficiaries."

March 11, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - In a rather extraordinary statement, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in testimony delivered today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, claimed that the Arab Spring has increased the threat posed to U.S. interests by world-wide Islamism by strengthening its political hand.

Some pull-quotes from his briefing, full document available here, 2013 World Threat Assessment "...Terrorist threats are in a transition period as the global jihadist movement becomes increasingly decentralized. In addition, the Arab Spring has generated a spike in threats to US interests in the region that likely will endure until political upheaval stabilizes and security forces regain their capabilities. We also face uncertainty about potential threats from Iran and Lebanese Hizballah, which see the United States and Israel as their principal enemies..." pg. 4

"... Although some countries have made progress towards democratic rule, most are experiencing uncertainty, violence, and political backsliding. The toppling of leaders and weakening of regimes have also unleashed destabilizing ethnic and sectarian rivalries. Islamist actors have been the chief electoral beneficiaries of the political openings, and Islamist parties in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco will likely solidify their influence in the coming year. The success of transitioning states will depend, in part, on their ability to integrate these actors into national politics and to integrate—or marginalize—political, military, tribal, and business groups that were part of or benefitted from the old regimes. At the same time, transitions that fail to address public demands for change are likely to revive unrest and heighten the appeal of authoritarian or extremist solutions..." pg. 18

"Mali - In January 2012, after the return of heavily armed Tuareg fighters from Libya, the secular-based National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA) and the extremist Islamist Tuareg rebel group Ansar al-Din launched a rebellion against the Malian Government. Following a 21 March military coup, Ansar al-Din—with help from AQIM—and the MNLA quickly drove the Malian military out of the north. After taking control of northern Mali, AQIM worked closely with Ansar al-Din and AQIM-offshoot Movement for Tawhid and Jihad in West Africa (TWJWA) to consolidate gains in the region and impose a hard-line version of sharia..." pg. 24
Nigerian Sultan Demands Amnesty for Boko Haram Terrorists

March 7, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - Boko Haram [Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad - Al-Sunna For Preaching and Jihad] Nigeria's primary violent jihadist entity is obtaining support from an Islamic religious authority, the Sultan of Sokoto who is demanding amnesty for the group.

Sokoto is an Islamist caliphate, located in Northern Nigeria [note, a caliphate is an Islamic governing structure operating under the strictures of the Shari'a, Islamic law]. "The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, on Tuesday appealed to the Federal Government to grant amnesty to all the armed groups operating in Nigeria..." [source, Sultan of Sokoto seeks amnesty for armed groups, Premium Times]
Over the last few years Boko Haram [BH] has been responsible for thousands of killings in the country, often accompanied by atrocities of unspeakable cruelty. The group has recently increased its campaign of violent intimidation - kidnapping a group of French nationals, including several children.

The fate of these captives is unknown.

Jihadist revolutionaries are believed to be active in the majority of African countries North of an imaginary line stretching Westward from Somalia and Kenya to Cameroon. in the East.