As Obama Loses Iraq To “Decimated” Al-Qaeda, His Words At Fort Bragg Come Back To Haunt Him


June 12, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – With Iraq in flames and ISIS [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] jihadists streaming in from Syria [some indisputably armed by this administration] and now drawing down on Baghdad, Barack Obama must face the consequences of his policies - losing a war which had been won conclusively as his predecessor left office.

If this rout isn’t Mr. Obama’s desired outcome, why has he rebuffed multiple pleas from the besieged Maliki government for assistance, especially air power - perhaps AC 130 gunships?

Yes, of course we have the boiler plate denunciations of the increasing violence in Iraq along with transparently false suggestions that action is being considered; but all of that is icing, designed for consumption by the legacy press stenographers.

As set against the sheer glee with which this administration, under cover of NATO, decimated Libya’s infrastructure to bring about the fall of Gaddafi, the President’s refusal to supply minimal air power in Iraq is morally indefensible.

That is unless Obama feels that humiliating America, by forcing it to lose this war, is somehow a down payment on what are – in his mind – the historical excesses of “American colonialism.”

The President should be forced to look the families and loved ones of the 4,489 U.S. servicemen Killed in Action in the eyes and explain to what end he has wasted their ultimate sacrifice.

At the core of this matter, the President needs to answer for the sleight-of-hand negotiations with Iraq which should have led to a robust Status of Forces Agreement. Instead of making the document an executive agreement between two heads of state, Obama insisted on what everyone knew was the poison pill, submitting the text to Iraq’s dysfunctional parliament for a vote.

This strategy must have been designed to provide him with plausibly deniability when Irag’s security went toxic, as he surely must have known would be the case upon the total withdrawal of American troops.

[Given the intricacies of this aspect of the matter we refer the reader to, Bill Ardelino, Iraqi politicians backed into a corner on a Status of Forces Agreement? , Long War Journal and Michael R. Gerted, In U.S. Exit From Iraq, Failed Efforts and Challenges , New York Times]

Obama wanted out, period, damn the consequences…which now are cruelly apparent.

Upon the principle that past is [in this case ironic] prologue, demonstrating Obama’s recklessness and perfidy on the matter, we offer the below text taken from his December 12, 2011 “victory” speech at Fort Brag

“…And we remember the end of our combat mission and the emergence of a new dawn - the precision of our efforts against al Qaeda in Iraq, the professionalism of the training of Iraqi security forces, and the steady drawdown of our forces. In handing over responsibility to the Iraqis, you preserved the gains of the last four years and made this day possible.

Just last month, some of you - members of the Falcon Brigade - turned over the Anbar Operations Center to the Iraqis in the type of ceremony that has become commonplace over these last several months. In an area that was once the heart of the insurgency, a combination of fighting and training, politics and partnership brought the promise of peace. And here’s what the local Iraqi deputy governor said: “This is all because of the U.S. forces’ hard work and sacrifice.”

That’s in the words of an Iraqi. Hard work and sacrifice. Those words only begin to describe the costs of this war and the courage of the men and women who fought it.

We know too well the heavy cost of this war. More than 1.5 million Americans have served in Iraq - 1.5 million. Over 30,000 Americans have been wounded, and those are only the wounds that show. Nearly 4,500 Americans made the ultimate sacrifice -- including 202 fallen heroes from here at Fort Bragg -- 202. So today, we pause to say a prayer for all those families who have lost their loved ones, for they are part of our broader American family. We grieve with them.

We also know that these numbers don’t tell the full story of the Iraq war - not even close. Our civilians have represented our country with skill and bravery. Our troops have served tour after tour of duty, with precious little dwell time in between. Our Guard and Reserve units stepped up with unprecedented service. You’ve endured dangerous foot patrols and you’ve endured the pain of seeing your friends and comrades fall. You’ve had to be more than soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen –- you’ve also had to be diplomats and development workers and trainers and peacemakers. Through all this, you have shown why the United States military is the finest fighting force in the history of the world.

But there is more to fan the justifiable flames of enmity regarding Obama’s military doctrine from the same speech.

Part of ending a war responsibly is standing by those who fought it. It’s not enough to honor you with words. Words are cheap. We must do it with deeds. You stood up for America; America needs to stand up for you.

That’s why, as your Commander-in Chief, I am committed to making sure that you get the care and the benefits and the opportunities that you’ve earned. For those of you who remain in uniform, we will do whatever it takes to ensure the health of our force –- including your families. We will keep faith with you.

We will help our wounded warriors heal, and we will stand by those who’ve suffered the unseen wounds of war. And make no mistake -- as we go forward as a nation, we are going to keep America’s armed forces the strongest fighting force the world has ever seen. That will not stop."

That will not stop. But our commitment doesn’t end when you take off the uniform. You’re the finest that our nation has to offer. And after years of rebuilding Iraq, we want to enlist our veterans in the work of rebuilding America. That’s why we’re committed to doing everything we can to extend more opportunities to those who have served…”[source, Remarks by the President and First Lady on the End of the War in Iraq , Fort Bragg, North Carolina, White]

We believe, upon review of President address at Fort Bragg, allowing him to speak for himself undedited, supports our contention, that he is quite possibly the most craven president ever to occupy the Oval Office. Mr. Obama will represent a clear and present danger to the security of the United States until he takes his final stroll through the West Wing. His legacy on foreign policy and national security matters will unfortunately live on long after he has departed the White House and it may take a generation for America to restore her position as the undisputed leader of the free world.

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