Fox – Fair But Shari’a Compliant?


June 8, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – - In recent articles [please refer to, Muslim Public Affairs Council’s Panties In A Bunch Over Fox’s “Tyrant ” and Coerced Shari'a Compliance And Alice In Arabia] PipeLineNews has covered attempts by Islamist organizations [one of which, CAIR, has been linked to Hamas] to censor depictions in the media which present something other than a fairy-tale version of Islam.

As testament to this campaign of intimidation, the upcoming [June 24 debut] Fox Entertainment’s miniseries, Tyrant, has since March been subjected to a review process by the Muslim Public Affairs Council [MPAC] censorship board.

The organization claims it’s only working in an "advisory capacity."

We continue to maintain that the motivation of the alphabet soup Islamist lobby in these matters isn’t out of fear that Islam may be presented incorrectly and thus somehow be defamed. These groups are fearful that media productions such as Alice in Arabia and Tyrant will present normative Islam accurately.

Bad for the image you know…

The desired result of this strategy is to force production companies into Shari’a compliance, which would have the added effect of turning their content into da’wa.

Fox and the media in general are either unaware or simply don’t care that through the act of self-censorship they consign themselves to the role of dhimmis – in Islamic law a non-Muslim who accepts second class citizenship, i.e., fealty to their Muslim overlords. The Shari’a is very clear about this matter. You have three options: accept dhimmitude [which includes paying a yearly head tax called the jizya] convert to Islam or be put to death, probably in a nasty manner.

In a recent posting on MPAC’s web page (, MPAC offered its consultative services. Not surprisingly a few days later the site announced that the producers of Fox had accepted, or more exactly, capitulated.

Historically other cultures which have tried this tactic have met with mixed results including subtle ridicule. A few decades ago the Italian anti-Defamation League protested as being stereotypical and therefore offensive, the practice of assigning Italian names to mafia gangsters.

Imagine that!

Soon a television production that dealt with the Mafia gave its villains names like Jones and Smith. Audiences got the satire and laughed. One would imagine that this wasn’t exactly the anti-Defamation League's intended result.

So might the audience laugh today at Muslim figures on television who seek democracy, love their brother Jews or demand an end to misogyny? In a much earlier period, some found Hitler’s mad-dog speeches and goose-stepping funny. Shortly thereafter no one was laughing, the little butch German meant exactly what he said.

In synopsis, Tyrant is the story of a naturalized American citizen estranged from his [un-named] homeland and despotic father, who returns to his birth place for a celebratory event. He is a pediatrician with a family and a successful practice in the United States.

Soon he finds himself swept up in the volatile politics of that nation. If we are to judge by the series trailer the central characters, far from being stereotypical, are complex and reflective of the cultural differences between the Middle East and the West. This approach made it attractive to Fox Entertainment which purchased it with great expectations.

A little background about MPAC, the self styled arbiter of truth.

The organization has an interesting pedigree. It was founded in 1988 at the Islamic Center of Southern California by Dr. Maher Hathout, a recent refugee from Egypt who had spent time in prison there for Muslim Brotherhood related activities. MPAC’s function was and is to interact with political figures, non Muslim clergy, and media representatives. At first the group’s perspective was provincial, doing outreach [da’wa] among LA based politicians and clergy. MPAC cultivated reporters from the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register. The organization invited them to their yearly banquets, honoring them with "good citizenship" awards.

Now MPAC operates nationwide and maintains an office in Washington, D. C. It takes part in ecumenical celebrations and has convinced the ever gullible Christian and Jewish clergy that a common Abrahamic faith unites them all.

In the years since 1988 young Muslims have grown up and taken positions in newspapers, pushing airbrushed versions of Islam.

Few non-Muslim dare tread on this multicultural extremist mine field.

In its early days MPAC ‘s Executive Director, Salaam Al Marayati, hand-picked by Dr. Hathout, was limited to criticizing motion picture and television programs after the fact. It was his expressed hope to be able to prevent unfavorable depictions of Islam and Muslims and, finally, to lobby for the creation of heroic Muslim characters.

Today MPAC has a Hollywood Bureau and a screening facility. It fêtes those who play their game, acts as a “consultant” to media companies and even conducts workshops in conjunction with Disney Studios, for aspiring Muslim writers.

Howard Gordon of 24 and Homeland fame the producer and co-director of Tyrant, has maintained a chummy relationship with MPAC and Marayati for 10 years.

As Marayati states:

““The makers of ‘Tyrant’ began working with MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau early on in the project because they value the perspective we provide and because they want to avoid reflecting Islam or the region as a monolith. The fact that they have been so receptive to our notes from the beginning is a very positive sign. On a personal note, I also want to add that Howard Gordon cares about truth and accuracy, and he cares about the need for American Muslims to play a greater role in conversations in Hollywood."

We find it disturbing that the producer [proudly and by his own admission] has been colluding with Marayati and MPAC in this embarrassing dog-and-pony show for so long. It's only through extreme mental gymnastics that one can avoid the conclusion that Gordon is comfortable submitting to the dictates of the Islamic thought police [please reference above MPAC video at approximately 02:00 where Gordon displays all of the sheepish and cowardly attributes of the dhimmi].

Welcome to the Shari'a, Mr. Gordon…take a number and wait your turn at the back of a very long line. As you queue up perhaps you can chant the mantra, “Fox, Fair But Shari’a Compliant.”

It does have a certain resonance.

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