Muslim Public Affairs Council’s Panties In A Bunch Over Fox’s “Tyrant”

June 3, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – The Muslim Public Affairs Council, a controversial Islamist pressure group headquartered in LA, is working in lock-step with the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR a known associate of HAMAS] in an effort to censor a new Fox Entertainment series entitled, Tyrant.

The new thriller is set in the Middle East. The plot-line revolves around an America family forced to deal with the incessant violence in that part of the world.

Apparently MPAC and CAIR consider the depiction of one of the main characters - the son of a mythical nation’s dictator who returns after a long period of self-imposed exile – as somehow insulting to Islam or defaming the religion’s prophet, both of which are serious offenses in Islamic law, the Shari’a.

Judging by the past records of these two groups, what they’re seeking isn’t an accurate portrayal of matters concerning Muslims. They’re desirous of forcing Fox to spin a narrative based upon a make-believe depiction of Islam, i.e., they want “Tyrant” turned into an instrument of da’wa outreach and Shari’a enforcement.

Whether or not Fox will bite remains to be seen, the series opener is set for June 24. We are concerned however, about the network allowing itself to be rolled again by Muslim bully-boys as was the case in the ground breaking series 24 where Islamic jihad was mysteriously reduced to irrelevance after the self-appointed spokesmen for Muslim Americans conducted a scorched-earth campaign of intimidation.

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