Obama’s Immigration Crisis: Threat To National Security

Hamas-Like Tactics - Administration Using Children As Human Shields In Political Warfare


July 16, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - Just when it seemed that immigration reform was moribund in Congress, a new wrinkle has been added to the immigration controversy.

Upwards of 60,000 unaccompanied minors have entered the United States illegally since April of this year. They have for the most part entered through the Southern border of Texas and are largely from Central America. This has changed the terms of the immigration debate since children have traditionally been treated with more sensitivity and circumspection than adults.

What’s the background of this, and who are the players?

First, in Third World culture the young are often treated simply as small adults with no special statues afforded to childhood. In South American countries young children are often sent out on the streets to beg, sometimes even intentionally disfigured to make them more appealing figures, especially to tourists.

These children are more often than many realize, used as underage, unwilling prostitutes.

The Obama administration has [with the ever compliant legacy media rolling over without protest] imposed a media blackout, generally refusing to allow pictures of the “children.”

In the West this used to be called press censorship.

The few government approved photo ops presented for media consumption are hand selected and staged to present the administration to best effect. Workers in these detention centers [many supplied by complicit faux-Christian church groups] have been sworn to silence. Medical personnel have been threatened and forbidden to discuss what they are observing, teeming hordes of young illiterates, some of whom carry deadly infections or “childhood” diseases which were once common but have through increased attention to public health and hygiene, been almost completely eliminated here in the United States.

A casual look at group pictures of these illegals, seems to indicate that many of these “children” are in their teens and are disproportionately boys - some of whom are undoubtedly gang members.

Indeed gang graffiti has appeared in the buildings which house these “children.” One would think that the people responsible for the graffiti would show restraint. Instead they are insolent, trusting that an apathetic nation will take no action against them or that that the American people are too ignorant to make the connection, and they are probably right.

Others have been told that under U.S. immigration policy, they might be declared “political refugees” and thus given immediate legal status.

The increased inflow of illegal immigrants over the last few decades has been positively correlated with a similar uptick in diseases that the West had managed to eradicate, whooping cough, diphtheria, chicken pox etc.

Before being dispersed throughout America, against the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans, scant attention is paid to the medical status of these individuals. The Feds don’t want you to know that they are sowing the seeds of potential future health catastrophes.

Nor has DC given consideration to the elephant in the room – that these children may have been intentionally infected with biological WMD diseases. Given the sheer number of this influx it’s statistically certain that - despite outward appearances - some of these “kids” are Muslim mini-jihadists and are here for one purpose, to carry on Allah’s war against the “unbelievers and polytheists.”

"We have record high numbers of other than Mexicans being apprehended at the border. These are people that are coming from states like Syria that have substantial connections back to terrorist regimes and terrorist operations. So we're seeing record, historic high numbers of these individuals being apprehended." [source, Breitbart]

This crisis has produced bizarre reactions in some quarters.

The allegedly conservative radio talk show host, Glenn Beck has totally looned-out on the matter, stating that he will go to the border with soccer balls and teddy bears for the “children.”

As we go to press, reports that Beck will be wearing his Easter Bunny suit remain unconfirmed.

Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is at the border giving out candy to strangers.

It’s no surprise that the UN High Commissioner on Refugees has stated that these “children” should be treated as refugees and be put on a path to citizenship without delay. He has defined ‘refugee’ downward so that three-quarters of the world could be similarly defined.

The border crisis has been orchestrated.

Sixty thousand “children” didn’t en masse one morning finish their breakfasts in Central America and say to their mothers ” I finished my cereal, and I think I’ll catch the train to America now.”

Seven months ago DHS was soliciting bids for a vendor to handle “Unaccompanied Alien Children.” Radio stations in Central America have been broadcasting encouragement to the “children” to board the train and come to America.

The motivation of these countries is clear, they rid themselves of thousands of unproductive dependents and from the perspective of the families, they know that once in the U.S. their “little bambino” will be their anchor to the American public trough.

Many of these “children” have taken a train, nicknamed – “La Bestia” - through Central America and then through Mexico to the southern Texas border - the shortest route. The government of Mexico, that bastion of civil liberties and classic liberal jurisprudence, has targeted the United States for villainy in encouraging the “children” to come here on La Bestia.

“ The infamous Mexican Death Train…on which tens of thousands of illegal alien children from Central America are traveling through Mexico to the United States, is being targeted by criminal complaints from Mexican authorities for allegedly violating the civil rights of passengers….” [source, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Mexicans Blame Americans For Death Train , WND]

No good deed goes unpunished…

When the Democrats talk about immigration reform they mean amnesty, and by amnesty they mean citizenship.

This is the strategy of the Democratic Party, to change the demographics of America to the point where the Dems become a permanent majority. The border crossing of some 60,000 “children” has given President Obama a chance to ask for more money to fund this catastrophe and has also given him a chance to demonize those who oppose him. His unconstitutional implementation of the DREAM Act was the final spark that ignited this migration. The mass border crossings neither surprises nor dismays him. He has a crisis and an opportunity to exploit it.

Republicans for the most part, especially the Chamber of Commerce and other fat cat GOP funders, see immigration as cheap labor.

The Roman Catholic Church sees immigrants as a chance to fill their diminishing pews.

There are many refugee resettlement organizations , the offspring of the Sanctuary Movement that began in the 1980’s. The two most active are the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. These two groups have become advocates for greater immigration since they are paid per immigrant and they pay the private contractors they work with. The resettlement organizations are often staffed by the immigrants they serve who in turn will bring in more of their fellow ethnic countrymen. The handouts by the federal government are a magnet, having supplanted the desire for freedom found here.

These 60,000 “children” should more properly be referred to as invaders since the effect of their presence in America will be to dilute our culture.

There will be no assimilation. That boat long ago sailed.

So meet your Estados Unidos Nuevo…welcome to Somalia.

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