Adjo [Goodbye] Sweden

BREAKING: Terror Attack: Car Bomb Detonated In Malmo Friday Evening


December 1, 2014 – San Francisco, CA - Thinking of taking a vacation to Sweden? What comes to mind, national parks, archipelagoes and a fascinating culture? Perhaps you visualize a society that is just, tolerant, welcoming and friendly. The travel brochures suggest Stockholm and Malmo, among other places, as cities to include on your itinerary.

Suggestion: don't.

A dark force is at work in Sweden as it is generally throughout Europe - unregulated Muslim immigration.

People of the Islamic faith now constitute 5% of the Swedish population, seemingly a small number. What the travel brochures and the legacy media will not tell you is that the cultural effect produced by what seems to be an insignificant minority has nonetheless been sufficient to push Sweden, among all the Western nations, the farthest down the road towards dhimmitude - the classic status of a thoroughly defeated and humiliated enemy living under Islamic dominance and subject to paying the jizya, the tribute tax, assuming u wish to keep your head attached.

With only an unfurled white flag lacking, it's difficult to imagine that these people and their fellow Scandinavians were once the ferocious Vikings who, over the span of four hundred years, terrorized parts of Europe, plundered, explored and colonized far and wide.

What makes Sweden unique is not simply its refusal to fight the increasing Islamization, but the speed with which it has embraced the invaders and its willingness to jettison Swedish culture with an enthusiasm that must surprise even the Muslims.

The process continues to play out. In the most recent election a lunatic/leftist coalition prevailed, electing Stefan Lofven as PM. In short order Lofven recognized the illegitimate state called Palestine, much to the delight of HAMAS. Sweden's ascendant Muslim immigrants saw it simply as another sign of weakness, a transparent act of appeasement.

In his inaugural address the PM declared that his government would be "feminist" in nature and took the unprecedented step of bringing the Green Party into the country’s executive branch cabinet.

The single ray of sunshine on the Swedish political scene is a relatively new party, the Sweden Democrats. This is a traditionalist, proudly nativist party based upon the core principle of opposing further Muslim immigration. It now controls 49 seats [<15%] in the 349 member parliament, the Riksdag.

Predictably, the party has been savaged by its opponents - especially in the professoriate. Not to be outdone, the Swedish media is engaged in a shrill campaign of character assassination, labeling the Sweden Democrats “Nazis” and “racists.” The European press tends to display its bias more openly than does American media, especially print journo, and when they target someone - such as Dutch politicial and leader of the increasingly popular Party For Freedom, Geert Wilders - the level of vituperation can be overwhelming...Sherman's salted-earth march to the sea.

In the real world even this minimalist defense of Swedish traditional culture might well be too late, much damage has already been done. The immigrant Muslims have, as in other countries, taken to the now familiar pattern of rejecting assimilation, instead establishing mini-insular Shari’a-centric, sociopathic societies within the larger population. They refuse to learn the language, adopt Western mores and adopt the surrounding ethos. These parallel societies soon become no-go zones where the country’s emasculated law enforcement fears to enter. In essence the immigrants have recreated the hell-holes from which they fled.

Since Sweden officially decided to become a “multicultural” country [1975’s Proposition Bill 26, which was unanimously adopted by Parliament] the violent crime rate has quadrupled. [see, Violent crime explosion in Sweden between 1975-2012 dominated by Muslims ].

In the recent past, Sweden had virtually no crime, especially offenses of a sexual nature. Now Stockholm is the rape capital of Europe, and Sweden is second only to South Africa in the number of rapes committed per year. [source, Daniel Greenfield, 1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500% FrontPage Mag]

In the vast majority of cases, the perpetrator is a Muslim and the victim referred to as “easy meat.”

It’s not that these new members of society bring nothing to the mix. The Muslim invaders have proven highly adept in two areas, commission of violent crimes far out of proportion to their numbers and wide-scale adoption of life on the public dole. As newly arrived immigrants, they receive free housing and welfare benefits immediately, which explains why 5,000 Muslims pour in each month.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since normative Islam teaches that Muslims mustn't enter a country as immigrants in the classic sense of the word. They come as conquerors, intending to turn their new homeland into Dar al Islam – the House of Islam.

Tolerance might be considered a virtue if it is selective and has moral and ethical parameters. Absent that, in a nation like Sweden caught tight in the grip of moral relativism, it simply grants the destroyers a blank check

Having passed the tipping point, beyond which Muslims stop pretending to be law abiding citizens of a nation, the jihad is now on full display. There is nightly rioting in Stockholm by “youths,” the deliberately agnostic term used by the media and the government for young Muslims. They set fire to automobiles often in public areas so that nearby residences become terrorized.

If police respond, they are likely to be pelted with rocks.

As fear within the old culture rises, Muslims have become progressively more assertive in their demands.

In the Stockholm suburb of Botkyrka for example, the city planning committee voted to repeal a law forbidding public prayer calls. When reminded that Sweden is a Christian country [the Lutheran faith is state supported] Ismail Okcur of the Botkyraka Islamic Association answered:

"So it was perhaps before, during the 1930s and 1940s. Now it is a new era. We are more than 100,000 [sic] Muslims in Sweden. Should we not have our religion as well, especially here in Botkyrka, where we are so many?" [source, Soeren Kern, Swedish Multiculturalism Goes Awry, Gatestone Institute]

The cities Multicultural Center gravely warned Swedes that they must, “separate from whiteness [and] Swedishness in order [for there] to be a socially sustainable future Swedishness.” [source, ibid]

While Sweden doesn’t keep welfare statistics based on religion or ethnic origins, experts believe that from 70% to 80% of welfare payments in Sweden go to Muslims.

Muslim immigrants also have higher unemployment rates that native Swedes and represent a disproportionate number of prisoners in Swedish detention facilities for sentences over five years.

In a new sociological survey it was discovered that young Muslim immigrants in Malmo, a city heading towards a Muslim majority, either individually or in gangs regularly rob ethnic Swedes, often of small amounts, for the satisfaction that comes from what they consider waging war on Swedish society. [see, Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War, Brussels Journal]

Under hate speech legislation “criticizing” Islam [a term derived from the Shari’a] even if proven to be factually correct is a criminal offense. Starting in 2015 a new law will take effect which will allow for the prosecution of those who express opposition to Sweden’s immigration policies or to the politicians who support it.

Rapes committed by Muslims are rarely punished severely. Perhaps in Sweden’s new era of obscene multiculturalism, the perspective is that rape is a permissible Islamic cultural affectation?

In Swedish universities students are indoctrinated to become defenders of Islamism, thus passing the aborning cultural insanity to the next generation.

Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg during a visit to Africa expressed the hope that Europe, including, of course Sweden, will look more like Africa with its bright colors. Then “Europe will become a better place, a more multicultural place.” [source, Swedish Minister Looks Forward To Europe Turning Into Africa , FrontPage Mag]

In the municipality of Halmstad, social worker Anders Wilhelmsson of the Department of Education and Social Finance Assistance, has proposed that the municipality expropriate single family dwellings and condominiums from the Swedes who own them and give them to incoming refugees:

“The whole community should join in solidarity to give received refugees housing and integration.” [source, Socialists Want To Seize Private Homes Of Swedish Citizens And Give Them To Immigrants , Bare Naked Islam]

It is still too early for an autopsy, but we haven’t answered the question: why is Sweden permitting this to happen?

Part of the answer may be that Sweden began flirting with socialism in the early part of the 20th century. Socialism deadens individual initiative, cripples the spirit and is hostile to the concept of revealed truth - the basis of both Judaism and Christianity. It replaces Biblical faith with the philosophy of secular humanism

Secular humanism is morally situational and multiculturalism is its natural consequence. This cloaked ideology judges all cultures to be equal in an ethical sense. It argues that exogenous cultures can’t be judged by Western standards and that doing so is racist by definition.

Weakened in this way, Swedish culture is theologically unequipped to understand when tolerance becomes suicide.

Though parts of Europe – particularly the former satellites of the now defunct USSR - are busy throwing off the shackles of socialism, much of Europe is still in its grip, albeit to different degrees. Sweden lags far behind . Socialism is utopian in the sense that it rejects traditionalism and replaces individual decision making with top down government edict. Socialism is a continuum. At one end is the seemingly benign liberalism one finds in the Democratic Party in the United States, near the other end one finds the authoritarianism of the jack-booted thug. Somewhere along the way nations give up their democratic standards and move towards a collectivist police state. Theoretically at the very end of this ideological expanse, one finds utopia, which is of course a pipe dream and counter to all previous historical experience. But given the religious fervor the philosophy engenders, advocates become mesmerized zealots and are thus beyond reason.

Whittaker Chambers, who helped sound the alarm in the U.S. against the Communist infiltration of the FDR and Truman administrations, called it “the second oldest religion in the world.” It's the death spiral that begins with the whispered words: “Ye can be as gods." Utopians believe that human nature is perfectible and can only be attained by the total control of the institutions that mold a human being from birth.

Islam [like Marxism-Leninism] is a utopian system with the Qur’an and Sunnah prescribing a system of living which is all encompassing. Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the literal revealed word of their god and produces the perfect society. Islam is also triumphal in nature, its adherents seek to impose it on a global basi - the universal religion.

The sheer force of will of the Islamist mindset tends to cow entire populations, so that even when not embraced, it’s too often not resisted.

State approved political speech has found a warm and cozy home in Sweden so that criticism is suppressed, often overtly by the threat of legal penalties and jail time. This censorship also takes a stealthy form wherein candid discussion of Islam, even reading verbatim from its holy texts, brings swift social opprobrium

And so there’s a deadly mix of underlying factors at work:

  • Caught in the suffocating rapture of an Islamic version of utopia, disciples become fanatics.
  • Others, taking the seemingly easy road, just want to get along with whoever runs the store.
  • Citizens whom socialism has feminized loose the will to resist.
  • Those falling under sway of the corrosive influence of multiculturalism believe that traditional Swedish society is no longer worth fighting or are simply too terrified to protest.

Sweden’s neighbors are naturally concerned about the metastasis going on next door. Given the general agreement within the Nordic states that citizenship is fungible - a one for all and all for one approach – the threat posed by an expansionist, combative minority population becomes obvious.

Many Europeans are now having to face the dangers that Bat Ye’or has written and spoken about since the 1990s:

“In 1997, Ye’or testified at a U.S. Congressional Hearing and the Human Rights Caucus on the subject “Past is Prologue: The Challenge of Islamism Today - An Historical Overview of the Persecution of Christians Under Islam.” “I discovered in my research that the Christian condition under Islam is similar and remarkably parallel to that of the Jews,” said Ye’or. “A historical tragedy has been going on for both religious groups. I realized that the fight for freedom from jihad and dhimmitude concerns us all, especially now in the 21st century. My research demonstrates that this is a very old problem, and it must be confronted now.” [source, John W. Whitehead, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis An interview with Bat Ye'or, The Rutherford Institute]

In “Eurabia,” Ye’or chronicles, “Europe’s evolution from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment secular elements, into a post-Judeo-Christian civilization that is subservient to the ideology of jihad and the Islamic powers that propagate it.”

Recently, a Malmo based imam, Adly Abu Hajar, crystallized the reason for such concern defiantly claiming that, ”Sweden is the best Islamic state”. At best, uncomfortably close to the truth, it might already be time to say adjo to Sweden.

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