Muslima Official ln NL Ministry Of Security And Justice: "ISIS Is A Premeditated Plan By Zionists To Make Islam Look Bad"


August 13, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – - Not surprisingly this tweet is causing a major uproar in Holland. It is one more proof that Muslims in government and political positions need to be monitored.

Yasmina Haifi worked for 9 years in the Ministry of Security and Justice and by a branch of the National Coordinator for Combatting Terrorism And Security (NCTV). She is also an official in the Labor party (PvdA). Of course she deleted the tweets and is now backtracking but as they say in Dutch: “het kwaad is al gescheid" i.e., it’s too late, and she has been summarily dismissed from her post.

It is terrifying to contemplate what kind of secret information this ISIS sympathizer was privy to and that she was considered to be a "moderate Muslim.”

There is a pattern here.

Just like the Grand Mufti of Al Azhar and other major Islamic organizations such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation couldnt bring themselves to issue a full throated condemnation ISIS but instead took issue with them because they 'tarnished the image of Islam as a peaceful religion'. Halifi who was doubtless viewed as a moderate, takes this sociopathic reluctance to condemn ISIS and admit it is part and parcel of Islam by calling it a Jewish plot. In the article she says that "the terror group cannot be Islamic because their deeds "stand directly in contradiction to Islam.”

"The woman worked more than nine years as project leader of the personeel department of the Security and Justice Ministry and was attached for the past two years to the National Cyber Security Center. (NCSC)..

The woman worked by the National Cyber Security Center and her work had immediate effect on the work of the National Coordinator for Combatting Terrorism and Security. In 2010 Haifi was according to her nominated for the FNV Valuable Work Award for the results that she booked in the area of diversity by the Ministry of Security and Justice…

Haifi is also connected to the Action Committee for the Restoration of Trust which at the end of January in the name of the residents of the Schilderswijk ( MIM: An ISIS enclave) filed 48 complaints about the police actions in the neighborhood. The ombudsman recently ruled that the police in The Hague did not use extreme force..." [source, Official Will Not Take Back Tweet About ISIS, RTL News, translated from the Dutch by Beila Rabinowitz]

Apparently this blatant and incredible 'conflict of interest' i.e. advocating for the Salafist ISIS supporters in the Schilderswijk against the police, didn'tt warrant Haifi's dismissal or even any disciplinary action.

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