Stealth Jihadist Mostafa Elazabawy Attempting To Force Shari’a Compliance

April 24, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – It appears there is a somewhat of a tiff going on within the Manhattan Clergy Council, which has been providing advice to the builders of the 9/11 Museum.

The kerfuffle occasioned a private screening of the short film, The Rise of Al-Qaeda, at which a local imam, Mostafa Elazabawy of Masjid Manhattan, a member of the Council, was present. The film is part of the program which will be offered to Museum visitors.

“…Sheik Mostafa Elazabawy, the imam of Masjid Manhattan, blasted the seven-minute documentary - narrated by NBC news anchor Brian Williams - in a letter to the museum’s director…” [source, Don Kaplan , Tim O’Connor and Bill Hutchinson, Manhattan Muslim cleric blasts 9/11 museum video on Al Qaeda , NY Daily News]

Elazabawy was incensed over the use of the words “Islamist” and “jihad” to describe the Muslim terrorists who planned and carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which resulted in nearly 3,000 Americans being incinerated.

“..In his resignation letter Elazabawy claimed that, “The screening of this film in its present state would greatly offend our local Muslim believers as well as any foreign Muslim visitor to the museum..”

By his rejection of the absolutely correct terminology in describing Muslim terrorists, imam Elazabawy has revealed that he is both an Islamist and a stealth jihadist.


Absolutely; the imam is seeking to impose the Qur’anic/Shari’a proscription against “defaming Islam or its Prophet,” by removing the allegedly offensive language, an act which could serve as the text book definition of political Islam.

In effect Elazabawy is saying the film constitutes heresy.

Additionally, Elazabawy has provided his stealth jihadist credentials, feigning moderation while counseling extremism.

But what about his mosque, Masjid Manhattan?

In a 2010 piece a Muslim writer, Asra Amani, referred to Elazabawy’s assembly in the following manner:

“…where an open door with “MASJID” in red stick-on lettering stood propped open, beckoning the way to the another mosque, missed in the hoopla over the “Ground Zero mosque.” The MASJID Manhattan, known in the Muslim community as “the Salafi mosque,” I explained to my son, embracing the rigid interpretation of Islam that is known as Wahabism...” [source, Asra Q. Amani, Muslim Questions the Mosque , Daily Beast]

So we have a Muslim identifying Elazabawy’s mosque as one engaged in preaching the hateful anti-Semitic Wahhabist ideology which the 9/11 attackers used to sacralize their actions.

Sorry pal, if you don’t like the U.S. Constitution we suggest you self-deport to the nearest Islamic paradise say Syria, Pakistan, or…well you get the picture.

American law doesn’t provide for enabling loud-mouthed Wahhabist imams to shut down the First Amendment simply because they are offended by the truth. America is a pluralistic society and if religious lunatics can’t handle that, so be it…JFK Airport is a mere limo-ride away and good riddance.

We couldn’t care less if people get the “wrong” picture of Islam and Muslims by viewing, The Rise of Al-Qaeda, this isn’t Riyadh.

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