Boko Haram Atrocity: Kidnapping Over 200 School Girls

April 21, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – Not content to merely terrorize a large portion of Nigeria, Boko Haram has now kidnapped 243 school girls, for purposes better left unexplored.

The incident took place last Tuesday in the Northern Nigerian state of Borno as more than 100 of the terrorists descended upon the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State.

The girls were loaded into a stolen truck as if they were cattle and driven off towards one of the group’s safe areas. Along the way the truck ran into difficulties which allowed about 80 of the abductees to make a run for it. [see, The Chibok schoolgirls: When Boko Haram kidnapped for sexual needs , Nigerian Tribune]

The girls were the ones who reported that 243 of them were abducted, as they were directed to count themselves by the terrorists.

At the time of this writing the fate of those who are still being held captive remains unknown, what is entirely clear however is that few outside of Western Africa are really paying attention to this story.

Though recently declared an FTO by the Dept. Of State we still see absolutely no sign of any assistance being provided to the government of Nigeria’s President “Goodluck” Jonathan by the United States.

We are aware that a few days ago a forlorn looking Secty. Of State Kerry, said that the U.S. was aiding Nigeria. However, since little coming out of this administration even marginally resembles the truth, we simply don’t believe him

It wouldn’t take a major military commitment by Team Obama to assist in training, supplying and providing intel assistance to the Nigerian defence forces in hopes that they would then have the capacity to hobble or kill off Boko Haram, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards now or in the future.

President Jonathan deserves a good deal of blame for his government feeble response to Boko Haram’s bloody reign of terror. Aside from apparently being unable to even locate the enemy’s major encampments, he and his ministers have been in a state of denial, making silly claims about defeating this group, when a few days later defence spokesmen have to print a retraction when the truth finally leaks out.

Some might quibble, saying that Nigeria isn’t of strategic concern to the United States but those making that assertion would be wrong.

Nigeria, through its oil wealth, is now the most prosperous nation on the Continent of Africa and it’s that oil revenue which the Islamists have targeted. With the world supply of oil being artificially kept low, the loss of Nigeria’s contribution would undoubtedly be missed were Boko Haram able to interrupt its flow.

Additionally the numerous al-Qaeda franchises which operate in northern Africa gain confidence with every report of a successful attack by the group. It would seem be a wise strategy to take a bit of bluster out of the jihadist by displaying the decapitated head of Boko Haram leader Shekau on a pike at the entrance to the presidential palace or some gesture equally as strong.

There have been some in the region who have suggested that dead members of Boko Haram be buried in pig’s skins, apparently upon the belief that they would then be unable to share in Allah’s ongoing jihad party. While having no thoughts on that specific suggestion we do note that technique was very effective when General Pershing used it against the rebel Muslim Amalekites in the Philippine Islands.

If something on that order were to happen it just might provide the impetus for other African governments to defeat their Islamist enemies without involving the United States.

But, as this president has shown over the last 5 1/2 years, he’s a totally political animal and really doesn’t care at all about these things. As a result, for the time being, Nigeria and its good natured but inept president are going to have to face these butchers on their own.

Of course it shouldn’t have to be like that, but Team Obama has no foreign policy with the exception of denuding our DOD, kow-towing to despots and withdrawing U.S. military power from the few theatres in which it still has a presence.

That simply isn’t going to cut it when faced by the region’s Islamic fanatics with AK-47s and machetes.

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