BLM Aggression: Team Obama Shows Its Hand

Bundy Affair One Of The Most Important National Security Stories In Recent Memory

April 15, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – A few days ago we witnessed an event which American patriots should cherish and celebrate: several dozen protesters, shut down the Bureau of Land Management's [Dept. of Interior, BLM] attempted confiscation of Cliven Bundy’s ranch located in Clark County, Nevada.

In a very real way, TeamObama and his lap dog Harry Reid ran away, the usual response by bullies who get their noses busted.

Once deployed, word of BLM’s para-military operation spread like prairie fire among the local ranching community and into the closest major media market Salt Lake City, Utah.

That many of these protesters were conspicuously armed, wearing side arms and toting ARs, put the BLM thugs on notice that if they pushed this too far a genuine range war would break out, not exactly an auspicious event to occur only 7 months away from the critical midterm Congressional elections in which the Democrats can at best only limit the damage which will occur at the polls.

BLM tried to take what must have appeared to them to be the high road, claiming that Bundy’s operation threatened not only the department’s authority but the desert tortoise, declared an endangered species, but in reality not threatened by cattle ranching.

As the matter unfolded however the wizened, crooked presence of Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV] made itself known, with reports suggesting that the senior senator might have a financial interest in plundering the worldly belongings of a family which has continuously ranched the area for 140 years. [see, Paul Joseph Watson, Feds Desperate to Hide Harry Reid Link to Bundy Land Grab, InfoWars]

But for the purposes of this piece, those details are of lesser import, there are a host of bigger lessons to be learned here:

1. Direct action works. The left really only understands smash-mouth; words, legal documents, facts and reason don’t impress these folks at all.

In the vast percentage of cases I have personally observed over 15 of covering San Francisco Bay Area protests, political confrontations and unrest, getting aggressive and in the face of leftists gives them heart palpitations. Their Harvard education doesn’t indemnify them against the threat of a broken jaw.

2. Be ye hereby warned, the feds really are serious about establishing a police state and the mindless goons whom Team O has hired seem all too willing to suppress their fellow citizens with violence given the opportunity, even if it comes to pulling triggers.

3. Much of America - after 5 years of being pushed around by The One and the collectivist weasels who drink his bathwater - has had it and is on the verge of open rebellion. Hopefully this will remain peaceful but let me assure you that absent the presence of weapons at the Bundy confab there would have been no constraining of BLM’s overweight storm trooper wannabes.

4. Screw [with great vigor] those who are counseling that the right should “tone it down.” We're facing the greatest internal threat in decades – a rogue and over-reaching federal Leviathan which has demonstrated its willingness to use military force to suppress rightful dissent. One might suggest that it would be un-American to stand down in the face of such provocation.

5. The right should be emboldened by this experience. Hopefully the foolish leaders of the GOP and their Karl Rove buttboys should be taking notes. If not they are even more disconnected than their actions indicate.

6. Our side did get lucky in one respect, since it appears that Harry Reid [D-NV] might have had a personal financial stake in driving the last rancher off the alleged BLM land, as soon as word of this started leaking [kudos to the team at InfoWars] the thugs were put on a short leash, then dispersed, at least temporarily.

7. It doesn’t take an army to have a major impact, just a handful of normal, salt-of-the-earth Americans who are sick and tired of being told how to live by those with political power, but whose own personal lives are usually in a state of permanent disarray.

8. Through this action, and we assume it’s by no means over, it has been conclusively proven that the agents of the federal government can be stopped dead in their tracks, with zero casualties [including cattle and the desert tortoise] if people are willing to stand up, get active and if need be, put their asses on the line.

In many ways the America of 2014 is a post-political society. Nearly every facet of America’s power structure is now under the riding crop of the left. Thus real dissent rarely happens because the information which would cause a nation to rise up and throw off these self-important punks is suppressed or at least managed to death, with little bits of information trickled out until the story is dead. Though American’s are being spoon-fed by TeamO’s minions, many now realize it and refuse to take the bait. They seek their news from alternative ‘Net based sources including the social media.

The events of last week are historic. Though no snappy slogans emerged such as, “Remember the Alamo,” came of it, at least a small segment of the population proved up to the task of defeating the most powerful government on earth.

It remains to be seen if the right will be able to maintain this level of vigilance, but in reviewing hours of video from the Bundy Stand-down, if the look of determination in the clear eyes of Cliven Bundy, his family and neighboring ranchers means anything, it’s that DC has been put on notice, a new American patriot is being forged and their sneaky little shell game may be coming to an end.

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