Boko Haram Suspected In Murder Of 40 Nigerian College Students

October 1, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - – While Kenyans continue to mourn their losses in the Nairobi terrorist attack by al-Shabaab [please refer to, The Nairobi Al-Shabaab Terrorist Massacre] on the other side of the continent – Nigeria – Boko Haram continues its murderous jihad, on Sunday massacring 40 college students.

“…Terror attack rocked yet another African nation in the dead of night on Sunday when over 40 students were shot dead as they slept in dormitories in an agricultural college in Yobe state in north-eastern Nigeria. Their classrooms were also torched. Most of the victims were aged between 18-22. Notorious terror outfit Boko Haram is suspected behind the attacks. The college massacre is the latest violence in northeastern Nigeria's Islamic uprising.Sunday's violence, which occurred despite the prevalence of an emergency covering three states of the country, has begun to raise doubts about the Nigerian government's claim of winning the war against the terrorists…” [source, Shubham Ghosh, After Kenya, Terror Attack Rocks Nigeria; Over 40 Students Massacred]