The Riddle of Tommy Robinson


November 4, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – – Earlier this month anti-jihadists received a double shock when it was learned that Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League (EDL), not only left the organization that he had co-founded, but announced that he was working with the Muslim Quilliam Foundation. It soon became apparent that Mr. Robinson had been in touch with the Quilliam Foundation for the past 18 months through one of its officers, Mo Ansar.

Mr. Robinson announced that he was studying Islam with the Quilliam Foundation under the tutelage of Mo Ansar. He said that despite his best efforts, the EDL had been overtaken by extremists and that he had to devote too large a portion of his time toward policing demonstrations to keep out the radical elements. He had come to believe that the best way to deal with Islamic extremism is to ally with a group that fights extremism and to work with moderate Muslims.

A note about the Quilliam Foundation. It takes its name from a British revert to Islam in the 19th century, William Quilliam. He became known as Abdullah Quilliam and was anything but moderate. The founders of the present day English Quilliam Foundation claim that they have left Hizb ut Tahrir - the Muslim liberation Party and moved from it to establish the new organization. It must have been a long trip. Hizb ut Tahrir is one of the most radical Islamic groups in the West, and one must suspect on some level that these members decided a little taqiyya was called for.

The Quilliam Foundation has been less than honest in quoting Islamic scripture, preferring the benign Meccan scriptures rather than the more violent Medinan ones. Nor have they acknowledged the Principle of Abrogation. If they seek an honest discussion of Islam, and if they proffer themselves as reformers, they must acknowledge the entirety of the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira. Further, in a 2009 press release they supported Palestinian Jihad and called on the UK to use its influence to prevent Israel from self defense with regard to Gaza rocket attacks.

Anti jihadists were divided in their response. Many had already pulled out of support for the EDL, citing its extremists. Some bid farewell to Tommy Robinson as a traitor. Others felt that withdrawal from the EDL was premature, that many of the extremists were plants sent to fracture the group. Why let these people win? Still others felt that those who accused him of betrayal were too hasty. A few - too few, I believe, thought that he had been reached while in prison. The police seemed more intent on enforcing Shari’a law at the demonstrations than they were in fairly dealing with the perpetrators of violence.

In April of this year a group of armed Islamic thugs showed up at Tommy's house and threatened his family. When the police were called, they arrested Tommy. While in prison his accounts were frozen; he was not permitted a change of clothing, and he was placed with Muslim prisoners.

Robinson has been under tremendous pressure during the past four years. He has been subject to numerous arrests and was granted early release from prison in the winter of 2012 for the latest of those arrests. He had spent those last 18 weeks in solitary confinement. He was facing still another trial. All his arrests grew out of his work with the EDL. Muslim demonstrators carried hostile signs and shouted hostile slogans while the EDL message was usually one of defending British values.

On one occasion after a particularly heated demonstration and counter demonstration, a few of the EDL men met in a pub. A group of Islamic thugs entered the pub, singled them out and beat them. When police were called there were apparently no eye witnesses among the patrons, and no arrests were made. The next day police put up signs asking for eye witnesses to come forward to the police. You will never guess what appeared above the sign - a flyer announcing a meeting of Muslim British policemen.

Mr. Robinson founded the EDL in 2009 subsequent to a hostile demonstration in Luton organized by the radical Al Muhajiroun and directed against British soldiers -specifically the Royal Anglian Regiment - who marched through the town after having completed a tour of duty in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Al Muhajiroun -English translation, the Emigrants, is one of the more radical Muslim groups in England. It is named after the closest followers of the Prophet Mohammed, men who followed him on the journey (hijrah) from Mecca to Medina after his ouster from the former..

From its inception the EDL was accused of being a right wing group that would become a haven for neo-Nazis and anti-Semites if it had not already. Mr. Robinson was aware of the potential and pledged to keep such people out of the EDL.

At some time in the future perhaps the truth will emerge about the Tommy Robinson story. Certainly our sympathy must be with him and the enormous stress of the arrests he suffered; the stress of seeing a group he founded being infiltrated to the extent that its nature changed; the stress of knowing that Muslim preachers call for the overthrow of the English way of life to be replaced by Shari’a and do so with impunity. But most of all he must be devastated to see the morphing of his country into a Shari’a compliant state.

Mr. Ansar in his interviews has made the usual references to Islamophobia - a word coined by the Muslim Brotherhood - and speaks of hate and extremism as the foes we must combat. Actually, that is not true. The threat to England and to other nations is Islam and its malignant journey through the institutions of the West.

Hate is a personal feeling and hate speech has become any criticism of Islam no matter how justified. Every faith generates its own extremists, but with the exception of Islam, they are a nuisance not a threat to public order.

Though little known outside of Great Britain, the effect of mass Muslim immigration has been devastating to the native liberal democratic culture. In at least 5 of England’s “Governing Authority Areas,” Muslims constitute greater than 15% of the population, and in the case of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets nearly 40% of the population are Muslim. This tendency to colonize areas within larger cities has resulted in “no go” zones where traditional English men and women are not welcome. Thus parts of London have been so bled dry of their English character that writers such as Bat Yeor refer to the great city as Londinistan.

The phenomenon is a concrete example of what the Muslim Brotherhood call “civilization jihad,” a beneath-the-radar assault on the foundational concepts of Western Civilization. These no-go areas are therefore closed to law enforcement, emergency first responders and similar representatives of the British government. Not surprisingly in these little Kabuls the Shari’a is strictly enforced, often at the hands of roaming gangs of Muslim thugs. Not even fellow Muslims aren’t safe; those who wish to become acculturated secular practitioners of their religion are similarly terrorized and forced to submit to the Shari’a.

Islamic men turn young girls into prostitutes to be sold to Muslim men. Female genital mutilation is practiced on young females. Muslim girls are permitted to marry well below the legal age set by British law and many immigrant men have more than one wife. Immigrant Muslims receive generous allowances from the state. Hate speech laws routinely punish those who would speak the truth about Islam.

There is an answer to the riddle of Tommy Robinson that would fill all the blanks. It would not be surprising if while he was in prison he was reached by some one in law enforcement at a time when his resistance would be at its lowest ebb. His family might have been threatened - not by some anonymous person on twitter or by someone shouting in a crowd. No, this would be a detailed, believable threat by a person who had been tasked with protecting people like him..

Why not simply demand his departure from the EDL and retirement from public life? In Islam it is necessary to repeatedly assert the supremacy of the Muslim faith. The jizya, for example, is not truly a tax. It is that, but it is also a tribute. It must be collected in a way that is humiliating to the non-Muslim. For example. The non-Muslim must approach the tax collector on his hands and knees and, after he parts with his money, the tax collector will smite him on both sides of his neck.

We have seen Muslim organizations such as CAIR, when they have successfully attacked a critic of Islam, demand not only an apology but insist that the offending person take a course in Muslim sensitivity.

Perhaps Tommy Robinson was paying his jizya.


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