Security Leaks? Why Does Obama Ignore Julian Assange - Responsible For The Most Serious National Security Leaks In U.S. History


June 17, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – – While Team Obama and his allies in the media are furiously denouncing Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle blower [whom the DOJ is presumably considering extraditing from wherever he might be holed up] it continues to ignore Julian Assange, quite probably the greatest national security leaker in U.S. history?

Assange and his wiki coalition of left-wing net saboteurs have so far released over 2 million secret national security documents – actually the total count is probably quite a bit more.

Yet, three years after the fact, Assange is conducting business as usual…out of the Ecuadorian Embassy located in London!

Yes, not only do the Feds know where this clown is, they could probably leave him a message at the embassy’s switchboard. So little does Assange fear extradition by the U.S. DOJ, he is trying to form a political party from his sanctuary!

The truth is that Obama has no intention of going after Assange - you see, most of the leaks were designed to embarrass previous administrations [especially that of GW’s] not his and thus we believe he is actually down with the program - knowing what we now know about the brazen criminality of Mr. Obama’s administration

Yet oddly, after this massive and extraordinarily damaging data dump, criminal charges have yet to be filed. After what we must assume is a three year investigation no serious effort, to our knowledge, has been made to extradite him.

He does not appear on the FBI’s most wanted list either. As a matter of fact a search of the FBI website reveal NO reference to Julian Assange – there are a few reference to Operation Assange [odd name huh?] which deals with a conspiracy to defraud or at least breach the security of PayPal.

This is the curious relativistic world in which Obama lives where for some reason Assange is deemed not worthy of going after and Snowden is.

The difference is that Snowden blew the whistle on Obama, revealing that in effect, Team O is tapping the phones every citizen of the U.S. - now, we assume, this will be considered part of the American birthright. Snowden proved what many of us have believed for some time – this administration is well on the way to the establishment of a police state.

From our reading of the 4th Amendment and supporting constitutional case law, it’s impossible to justify the complete destruction the concept of individual privacy. Obama, through his NSA [now manned with an eye towards treachery] is data mining every telephone, computer or other electronic device in the country.

Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, you are an open book – NOTHING is private anymore…nothing. Of course the 50 plus companies which have acquiesced and given up their internal billing [and other] date certainly made the job a bit easier, but given the sophistication of these programs, communication companies' servers are an open book.

This massive data collection is then sifted through what is called a "dictionary" and whatever data is being sought can easily be searched for associations, key words or whatever the Feds want. This data can then be associated in various way, revealing much about the activity of whomever is spied upon

By way of reference, these powerful technologies first came online in a serious way when the Echelon system was inaugurated, under the less than watchful eyes of the Clinton Administration. At the time the system relied on a world wide array of receiver stations which guaranteed that global communications are an open book.

Thus these systems have been a long time coming and now, under what is inarguably the most dangerous ever visited on this once great, now faltering country, they have been turned against the American populace.

We remain unconvinced that such measure provides any real increase in security. Likewise we doubt that this massive invasion of privacy is either legal or really helpful in identifying national security threats posed by Islamic fanatics.

What is happening here is the mother of dragnets; the mindless stealing of all communications and then sorting for some alleged gold key from that. So this administration refuses to profile the types of people and organizations which might well harm America instead choosing to simply suck everything up and go from there.

A simple profile would however suffice – sorting for, among data points:

1. Islamic radicals, both domestic and abroad

2. Communications coming into this country from the Middle East and other countries where Islamic extremism is on the rise, such as Yemen, Pakistan…etc.

3. Communications from the U.S. directed at these countries and individuals living within their borders.

4. Communications to and from American imams and other leaders of "Islamic Centers," which we know are jihad factories.

5. Communications to and from the organizations and individual which we know are domestic wings of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

If, as the actions and statements of this administration are to be taken at face value – that the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution no longer applies to U.S. citizens, then why not first search among likely perps instead of the entire population?

If the rule of law is history then at least be efficient about attaining the stated goal of this hideous program, interception of communications which are directed at harming the United States and its allies [such as they are] while destroying the fabric of the country.

If this program remains in effect it would only be right to at least dismantle the Statue of Liberty in an organized manner.

As a matter of simple equity, perhaps France can be convinced to take this beacon back - after all it was their gracious gift to us in the first place, intended to solemnly honor the American commitment to freedom and the lives freely given to preserve it around the world.

Under the rule of law, of course, all of the above would require judicial and congressional approval.

Absent that, welcome to the Orwellian nightmare…enjoy what’s left of your liberty and freedom before it too fades into the glorious history of this nation and the trains to the re-education camps start rolling.

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