The Stellar Incompetence Of Mrs. Clinton


June 11, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – - The spotlight caused by the deaths of 4 Americans [Ambassador Chris Stevens and three special "operators"] and the destruction of our "diplomatic facility" in Benghazi, along with her obvious intent to run for her party’s nomination in 2016 have kept Hillary Clinton’s name in the headlines for months, with no real end in sight.

Yet her poor judgment in Benghazi - and dozens of other matters which have passed across her desk at State, for example the outrage of permitting Cuba to rejoin the OAS – have demonstrated a level of general incompetency which is breathtaking even for this administration.

As a result, Hillary is unfit for any office, let alone the one oval shaped one in the big white mansion.

In defense of this charge, consider some of the evidence.

Just a few days after the terrorist attacks in Benghazi , Hillary and the president appeared together in a advertising clip aired on Pakistani television. In that "public service message" they apologized to the Muslim world for an amateurish home-made video - "Innocence of Muslims" – claiming that it was this stunningly awful work of an amateur which was the sole cause of the Benghazi bloodbath.

They also promised that the person responsible for the video would be punished, which he indeed was, landing him - Mark Bassely Youssef – in the slammer, oddly not for making the video [which of course would be unconstitutional…at least under the current understanding of the First Amendment] but for a parole violation.

He remains imprisoned as of this writing – his real crime?

Youssef has been declared an enemy of the state.

If Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton thought their groveling would assuage the tender sensibilities of the Ummah [Arabic for the world community of Muslims] they were wrong.

If anything, this little-seen apologia emboldened revolutionary Muslims who correctly interpreted this public kowtowing as a sign of weakness – a characteristic of the totalitarian mindset.

In her heavily publicized "comforting" of the families of the deceased, Hillary Clinton again blamed the film [knowing full well it had nothing to do with the incident] and again stated that the filmmaker who caused it all would be punished.

These families now know they were simply used as props in a grandiose display of crocodile tears calculated to produce sympathy not for the truly bereaved but for Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

These families are, not surprisingly, still livid about the experience of being used in such a politically brazen manner.

Any American who watched Hillary Clinton's performance before Congressman Darrell Issa's House Oversight Committee must have felt acute embarrassment at her performance.

Hillary screeched like some latter-day harridan at the Committee members who questioned her, and her choice of words - "what difference does it make" – as the Congressmen attempted to show that the amateur video had nothing to do with Benghazi should in itself disqualify Clinton for any future elective office.

During these hearings she did manage to demonstrate a general level of incompetence hard to imagine in any public service. She certainly failed to show the professionalism, sound judgment and knowledge of her craft necessary for such a high level position in government

The fact is that Mrs. Clinton has demonstrated no expertise at all in statecraft...she has only the Clinton name, which in Democrat circles seems to work miracles.

In reality Mrs. Clinton is not the wonderkind her PR people would have us believe, rather, she’s a haggard relic of the 60's, not especially gifted intellectually and philosophically reflects more than anything else the ludicrous societal critique of the SDS and the excesses of feminism.

A Talleyrand she is not…unfortunately she isn’t even a Cyrus Vance, Mr. Carter’s pathetic Secty of State.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Mrs. Clinton’s CV is her long-time relationship with Huma Abedin, a Muslim who served as Clinton’s most trusted aide and confidant while at State. The extraordinarily close relationship between Abedin and Clinton extends beyond work hour; they are personal friends and have been since the mid-neneties where she served as a WH intern.

Abedin and her family’s ties to some of the ME’s worst players is damning.

As David Reboi writes:

"After a week of evidence coming to light about the connections of Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief-of-Staff Huma Abedin to Islamist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood and internationally-designated terrorist enities, the response from the left is ridicule, misrepresentation, caricature and—on the most damning evidence—utter silence…The controversy surrounding Huma Abedin—and, importantly, the extent to which her connections to Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, alarmingly seemed not to factor into a background check—arise from letters to Inspector Generals of five departments written by a group of Congressmen Newt Gingrich recently dubbed the "National Security Five." Examining these connections are crucial in light of the advice the Deputy Chief-of-Staff is giving to her boss, the Secretary of State, at a time when Islamist groups openly declaring jihad against America are being rewarded by the Obama administration with legitimacy in the political process.." [source, David Reboi, The Atlantic Whitewashes Islamist Groups in Abedin Controversy, Center for Security Policy]

That Abedin occupied such an exalted position of influence at State, sans any real background check, is still hard to grasp.

Desperate, Ms Abedin's defenders have pointed to her marriage to a non Muslim seemingly in defiance of the Shari’a which, in their world instantly renders her a "moderate" and therefore not a problem.

Yes, it’s a silly, but unintentionally helpful, non-defense.

Ok, time for an lesson in tactical jihad which traces its origin directly back to Islam’s most sacred text, the Qur’an.

Two Arabic terms, identifying specific Islamic principles are worth noting:

The first is "taqqiya" or religiously sanctioned lying, sanctified in service of spreading the Islamic faith.

The second word, "muruna," is translated to mean great flexibility in presenting Islam.

One employs these concepts for a singular reason – to deceive for purposes of advancing Islam. This is not an across the board "permission" to lie for other reasons.

Potential deception is why these questions were raised in the first place, because the placement of "sleepers" close to the seat of power is a key goal for those committed to endless jihad.

If a thorough security investigation had been done, then many of these questions would not have had to have been raised - and yes Ms. Abedin might be serving with completely honorable motives and therefore runing the full-monty FBI background investigation would have removed all doubts.

It should seem elemental, but top secret security clearances shouldn’t dished out in some haphazard manner

Yet this apparently happened, it appears that Ms. Abedin was simply grandfathered in, having served Mrs. Clinton for so long.

In conclusion it should be clear that Mrs. Clinton would be nothing without Bill. She has ridden his considerable coat tails to the near apex of American political life, feted, admired and necessarily – feared because of her native vindictiveness combined with hubby Bill’s truly impressive political acumen, intellect and charming public demeanor.

Without him she is simply a bitter woman with little in her CV which would recommend her for higher office, with him she is center of the universe in the Dem’s currently denuded lineup and she [aided greatly by hubby Bill’s intuitive grasp of the political arts] will do just about anything so she can once again call 1600 Pennsylvania avenue home.


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