Jeb Bush's Revenge - The Judge From Hell, Debra Nelson


July 11, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - Well, well, well...for some reason the GOP's aristocracy is currently pushing Jeb Bush - Jebby - as the future of the Republican Party.

Now Jeb Bush is such an insignificant, lightweight dufus that he really doesn't deserve much in the way of expenditure of words. However we would like to provide one insight into his real politics which we haven't heard much of in any media, let alone the MSM.

Witness the unspeakable travesty represented by the trial of Mr. George Zimmerman, who in our opinion is being maliciously prosecuted, goaded on by the Bobbsy Twin criminals, Mr. Obama and his lunatic DOJ side-kick, Eric the Red..

Though we have not had the stomach to follow this case in any great detail - sorry we plumb ran out of barf bags the last time we saw John Boehner attempt to speak intelligibly - it's clear that rather than being prosecuted, Mr. Zimmerman should never had charges of any kind filed against him, let alone murder.

We do feel genuinely sorry for the family of the deceased Trayvon Martin; there is no way to avoid calling the entire matter a tragedy, as is the violent death of any young man cut down on the verge of adulthood. Unfortunately young African American males are falling in unprecedented numbers – often at the hand of an insidious thug culture, pumped up by the race pimps, Hollywood lefties, the educrats and their ilk.

But now Ms. Nelson has blasted through the line of propriety in her unconstitutional rulings regarding additional charges against Mr. Zimmerman that may be considered by the long suffering jury.

This set of instructions is designed for a number of reasons:

1. She is bending over and allowing Obama and Holder to violate her in the same manner that she is now violating Mr. Zimmerman's rights.

2. This is a face-saving gesture, an attempt to convict the defendant of something...anything... this viscous judge wants her pound of flesh.

3. She is attempting to satisfy the apparently insatiable Black racism which has loomed over these proceedings. It should go without saying that this is a complete disservice to the overwhelming majority of America's African American community which does not require "protection" from people like Mr. Zimmerman. The inherent racism of Nelson is in play here also, she has already made up her mind on this case and she seems to be unwilling to settle for anything less than a public hanging of this poor defendant. Her decision has been rendered solely on the basis of color – though both Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman are ethnic minorities.

Oh...we forgot, the NY Times has counseled us that Zimmerman though Hispanic, is a WHITE Hispanic, whatever the hell that means. To them Zimmerman is simply WHITEY as the matter is reduced to the most disgustingly base racialism.

Note NY Timers, both Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman are Americans…period. And by the way, just where do you keep your African American writers? In some closet?

Has Nelson failed to note that we have an African American who was recently reelected?

Hell Debby baby, it was in all the papers, even "Revolution," a production of the Communist Party USA carried it, so one way or another you should have at least heard of this breaking development.

Ok, we said few words and thus it shall be…well maybe.

Nelson was appointed by Jebster Bushie...can u imagine this kook on the Supreme Court should Jebby ever rise to the office of prez? We guess this is what you get when a judge's undergraduate degree is in psychology

Perhaps not so oddly, we can imagine such a scenario. She would fit right in with the current coffee klatch of neo-Marxists which currently inhabit the nation's highest court.

The fact that Bush appointed this woman is in and of itself a reason to render him forever unfit for any elective office. The truth is that Jebby fades to black in the shadow of his brother, an honorable, God-fearing, just man, GW Bush. If you were unhappy with W, then Jebby would represent the nightmare that keeps on giving.

What this sorry case demonstrates is that America is no longer a society dedicated to the rule of a just law, justly enforced and completely color/gender/sexual identity and class neutral.

Rather It has been allowed to degenerate into a cesspool of corruption not really that different from any other tyranny. We are now ordered to buy products by the Feds - health insurance, toilets, automobiles, light bulbs – the list is literally endless.

We are told what to think by an in-crowd of contemptible wussy-boys masquerading as journalists – ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and increasingly Fox News. Despite our considerable challenges, news has morphed into Snookietime: Jay-Z, automobile chases, household fires, scripted reality shows…another endless list.

Thus we are on the very precipice of losing this great republic, as Ben Franklin warned over 200 years ago. The nation has become corrupt because its people have done the same and a corrupt people receive the same in return.

As long as the piggies have their I-things, their big screen TVs, their crappy new cars, frighteningly white dentition, etc., they are happy rolling in their own filth.

This is the essence of the Democrat voter base, fat, stupid, amoral automatons who would be just as content under Joseph Stalin, assuming he was able to supply them with their toys.

Fortunately patriots remain…and we are not pleased…not pleased at all.

The nexus of these two antipodes will inevitably lead us to civil strife on a scale perhaps even greater than the devastation of the American Civil War. Do yourself a favor, visit the deep South, the Hearth of Dixie, note that the wounds of that great conflagration still – after 150 years - have not healed, they remain open…festering.

Pssst…right now the NSA is watching you, compiling data and mining that information. They can and do know everything significant about you.. From there this vast cloud of personal information in some circuitous manner gets routed by Team Obama into his instruments of control, the IRS, HHS, Homeland Security, DOJ, EPA…you name it…it’s been dispersed AND it’s currently being used to allow this regime to install the equivalent of a permanent dictatorship…while John Boehner hides under his desk, pitifully chain smoking Camel unfiltereds.

If the Zimmerman ruling goes the wrong way - an inescapable result because no one will be pleased, someone’s fat ox will assuredly be gored - then that might indeed prove to be the second shot heard ‘round the world.

We know violence and we abhor it. We know Muslim terrorism, butchery and barbarism. We have been witness to Africa’s machete wars and to thug terrorism on the streets of Chicago and many, if not most cities which have been mismanaged into bankruptcy by the Democrat Party - while the GOP, fingers up their asses, softly squawks in the corner but nonetheless act as enablers to the coming maelstrom.

When it happens don’t say you weren’t warned, some of us have been in a resistance mode for years…we will never go silently…we will never be loaded onto trains to the ovens like cordwood.

We have seen and rejected that world and prefer meeting our Maker rather than suffer such a fate.

There…we feel better…do you?


A brief historical note and final observation; we would rather not revisit this issue.

Our founding fathers gave everything they had to make this country possible. They pledged their lives, fortunes and their sacred honor. Knowing what lay before them they still persevered. Many of them were ruined, some paid with their lives and those of their families.

But there is a poignant special example of this ultimate patriotism.

Consider the case of Caesar Rodney, a signatory to the Declaration of Independence, representing Delaware.

"…Another to pay with his life was Caesar Rodney. Suffering facial cancer, he left his sickbed at midnight and rode all night by horseback through a severe storm. He arrived just in time to cast the deciding vote for his delegation in favor of independence. His doctors told him he needed treatment obtainable only in Europe. He refused to go in this time of his country’s crisis. The decision cost him his life…" [source, Ezra Taft Benson, The Signers of the Declaration of Independence.]

Actually Mr. Rodney and his associates knew he was dying – horribly - and had already bid his colleagues at the Convention adieu, desirous of at least being allowed to die in his own bed.

It was from this death bed which he arose for the singular purpose of guaranteeing unanimity among the states in their bold revolutionary enterprise.

This is our sacred heritage, there is still time to save this dream. I pray we rise to the challenge – as Americans, not some fractionated, Balkanized agglomeration of bribed interest groups, but with common purpose, to reclaim our heritage.

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