In Manchester, Tennessee: A Warning Shot


July 8, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – - Does anyone hear the eerie sound of music playing?
Did anyone happen to notice that the Count, standing in front of His full-length mirror could not see his own reflection?

That Count - Mr. Obama our president - The One He Has Been Waiting For – and his entire administration, not simply content with coddling Muslims – the latest demonstration being his not-so-terribly-successful meddling in Egypt’s the Muslim Brotherhood - is determined to steer around the First Amendment and strangle free speech vis a vis any discussion of Islam.

A recent, DOJ - sponsored presentation last month in Manchester, Tennessee demonstrated this point, intending to create a chilling effect on any discussion as to the negative aspects of Islam…of which there are many.

On June 4 the Department of Justice at the invitation of the American Muslim Advisory Committee (AMAC) spoke to an overflow audience at the above referenced community meeting. DOJ labeled the event, Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society.

The United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, William C. Killian was joined by Special Agent in Charge of the Eastern Tennessee District, Kenneth Moore.

AMAC was formed a little over two years ago when the Tennessee State Assembly was considering legislation to prevent the possibility of forced Shari’a compliance [i.e., codifying in American law alien Qur’anic principles]. . Zak Mohyuddin, one of the fifteen AMAC Board Members, represented the AMAC during this presentation.

The event was clearly intended as a warning, couched in fraudulent use of civil rights rhetoric, alleging that those who would use the social media to practice “inflammatory speech,” could find themselves in violation of U.S. Civil Rights codes.

Again Muslims were encouraged to play the victim role in an effort to reinforce the idea that any criticism of Islam, albeit even that accurately based on Islam’s own scriptures [or statements/fatwas by imams] as well as those with an historical basis, would be classified as “hate speech.”

Anti-Jihadist activists such as Pamela Geller’s and Robert Spencer’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), Bill Warner of, ACT for America, and other smaller groups swelled the number of protestors to over 2,000. Many were able to enter the meeting hall, and others remained outside during the duration of the presentation.

The hall was filled to capacity with people standing in the aisles and in doorways. The protestors often interrupted the speakers and called out their comments. The speakers only took written questions, and this was the only way the protestors could be heard.

Would Emily Post approve of the interruptions by the audience? Probably not, but these were people frightened at the blatant attempt by the Obama administration through the DOJ to , if not put a lid on the coffin of free speech, to let the American people know that a coffin awaited them.

The message was clear, American’s will not see their Constitution trampled by Holder’s and Obama’s DOJ thugs, especially the clowns in DOJ’s alleged civil rights division which is radical beyond belief.

The media present, notably The Tennessean predictably took up the cause of the jihadists, presenting the event not as a veiled attempt to intimidate Americans into silence, but instead concentrated on the anger of the anti-jihadists and their frequent interruptions of the speakers. The story in The Tennessean quoted a woman who said the demonstrators frightened her. Muslim protestors have interrupted anti Jihadist speakers countless time, sometime preventing them from speaking or from finishing their presentations. As a rule the covering newspapers do not make it the center of their reporting.

Actually we are quite pleased at the prospect of jihadists being scared of the American people who will not sit idly by while being forcibly Islamicized

Mr. Killian spoke first using a Power Point Demonstration.

“…Almost 10 years after 9/11. More than 50 federal prosecutions later and lots of long prison sentences…and far too many people are still repeating the same vicious acts of hate against members of the Muslim/Muslim/Sikh and South Asian communities…”

In reality the number of “vicious acts of hate” against these groups is relatively low. Had Mr. Killian looked into the rising number of anti-Semitic acts, he would know what hate speech is.

Every DOJ study has conclusively proven that anti-Semitism is far more prevalent than any alleged Islamophobia; as a matter of fact the number of violent acts attributable to “hate” of Islam are miniscule.
Said Mr. Killian; “We need to educate people about Muslims and their civil rights, as long as we’re here, they’re going to be protected.”

Mr. Killian might familiarize himself with the U.S. Constitution before he next makes a fool out of himself.
“…This is an educational effort with civil rights laws,” Killian explained: “as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion. This is to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the
consequences are...”

What we have before us is an overt attempt by the Department of Justice to send twin messages to the American people:

1. Criticism of Islam is forbidden:

2. Any discussion of Islam that does not consist of unmitigated praise is forbidden.
These evil twins add up to only one thing – suppression of free speech, i.e., censorship.

…next stop…Tahrir Square, Cairo…

Unfortunately the truth is ugly, however it is what it is - when Muslims enter a country it is never with the intent of assimilating.

It’s always to bring that country into the realm of Dar-al-Islam [Arabic, the house of Islam]. Their percentage of the population is the chief determinant of what they will demand.

However, it is not the only one.

Another consideration is the strength of the value system of the country they have for all intents and purposes invaded. Every act on their part is a probe. With very few exceptions they have not met significant resistance and certainly not on the part of timid government officials…especially now under a president who in many ways is a representative of the Muslim perspective.

Of course the First Amendment does not excuse threats of violence, but the DOJ can push the concept of a threat downward. Very few individuals want to take on the power of the DOJ and events such as the following have an intentionally chilling effect on what would be the normal give and take of political discourse.
Political correctness [more precisely Malevolent Multiculturalism] always shadows a free discussion regarding Islam.

Fortunately this push has not yet been codified at the federal level, though it is actively being pushed in numerous state legislatures Therefore it is not – yet - statutory.

What the DOJ is saying is that its extralegal definition of civil rights – their expansion of civil rights statutes – trumps free speech.

The United States does not yet have the hate speech laws as do many Western nations, where merely reading verbatim from the Qur’an is considered a violation.

Holder’s DOJ with the full support of Team Obama is thus attempting an end run around our First Amendment.
WARNING – this is was merely probe – what will be the next step?

©2013 Cheryl Gatesworth. All rights reserved.