Is Egypt Set To Implode?

January 28, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - On its second anniversary, it seems that the commemoration of Egypt's "Arab Spring" revolution has gotten a bit out of hand resulting in president Morsi declaring a 30 day national emergency and consequent declaration of martial law.

There is a generalized air of violence permeating the country, with institutions seemingly incapable of handling the rioting which is taking place across the country, in Port Said, Cairo, Ismailia, in numerous cities along the Suez Canal as well as other important population and commerce centers.

President Morsi - who remains a high ranking official within the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood [MB] - has rammed a new edict through Egypt's compliant Shari'a based Shura Council, which will allow the military to act as judge, jury and executioner [please refer to Muslim Brotherhood Asked For Law Giving Arrest Powers To Military, Al-Masry Al-Youm for further clarification].

In other words, Egypt is now undeniably a totalitarian state. It should be noted that though deposed [and imprisoned] president Mubarak governed under a similar lack of legal restraint, much of his concern and energy was directed at suppressing the very Muslim Brotherhood which now runs the country.

As the lawlessness spreads and fear sets in, Mr. Morsi will find an environment which is rife with opportunities [never let a crisis go to waste] to further extend his already considerable power.

By the end of trading today, the Egyptian stock market appeared to be selling off, though in the main its actions were today somewhat restrained - after hours trading will give a clearer picture of just how badly the burgeoning riots have damaged this remnant of Egypt's capitalistic infrastructure.

To long time observers of the MB, Egypt and its Arab Spring none of this is surprising. Total power was always the group's goal and now taking advantage of the rising chaos it seems that the Brotherhood's gambit is now an accomplished fact.

We have and continue to maintain that president Barack Obama is in large part responsible for creating the atmosphere in which such events are taking place, not just in Egypt but throughout the Middle East. His administration has not only provided the kindling for such a conflagration and lit the fuse with his incredibly ignorant "Muslim outreach," starting with Obama's June 4, 2009 Cairo speech, but is now fanning the flames by continuing to provide state-of-the-art military aid [including F-16s] to the renegade Morsi regime.
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